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Athlete Profile: Graeme Farrand

Born 2000
Hometown Hamilton, ON
Currently living Hamilton, ON
Club Don’t Get Lost
Occupation Student
Training log Attackpoint

What race are you looking forward to for 2018?

Running JWOC for the first time.

When did you start orienteering?

Around 2010 when I first joined Don’t Get Lost’s ARK program.

What is your best orienteering memory?

Running my first race at Swiss O Week in 2016 because it was the first time I had orienteered in Europe and it was far and away the biggest orienteering event I had been to.

What is your favourite type of orienteering event and why?

I would have to say the long is my favorite because of the balancing act of saying focused for navigation and running fast for an hour plus race.

What’s the best orienteering advice that you’ve received?

You can’t make up the time you’ve lost from a mistake by trying to go faster. You’ll just make more mistakes. The time you lost is gone and you just got to keep going.

Who is your orienteering idol or inspiration?

My orienteering idol is Thierry Gueorgiou because of his dedication to orienteering.

What are some of your 2018 goals outside of orienteering?

Graduate from high school and be accepted to the university of Waterloo.


Graeme F is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2018 High Performance Program

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