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Recap: 2017 World Orienteering Championships

The 2017 World Orienteering Championships have come to a close.

Team Canada had solid results at this World Championships – highlighted by Emily Kemp’s 5th place finish in the middle distance final.

Team Canada members:

Official results are here.

Team Canada results:

Sprint Qualification
Emma Waddington – Heat B: 22nd
Will Critchley – Heat A: 25th
Damian Konotopetz – Heat C: 14th
The top 15th in each heat advance to the Sprint Final

Sprint Final
Damian Konotopetz – 44th

Sprint Relay
Emma Waddington
Damian Konotopetz
Will Critchley
Emily Kemp
Emily did not start the 4th leg (resting for forest events) so Canada’s result is listed as a “mispunch”

Long Final
Emily Kemp – 23rd

Middle Final
Emily Kemp – 5th
Damian Konotopetz – 45th
Eric Kemp – 59th

Canada did not have a women’s relay team
Emily Kemp ran on the men’s relay team
Canada Men’s relay – 20th
Leg 1: Damian Konotopetz
Leg 2: Eric Kemp
Leg 3: Emily Kemp

Will Critchley in the Sprint Qualification. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emily Kemp during the flower ceremony for her 5th place finish in the middle final. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emily Kemp in the Middle final. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emma Waddington in the sprint qualification. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Eric Kemp in the middle final. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Meghan Rance, Eric Kemp, Emily Kemp, Raphael Ferrand after the middle distance flower ceremony. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emily Kemp, Eric Kemp and Damian Konotopetz after the relay race. Photo by Meghan Rance.


Damian Konotopetz in the Sprint Relay. Photo by Reigo Teervalt

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