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NAOC/COC early bird regis extended to April 8

From the organizers:

Because the North American and Canadian Orienteering champs early registration deadline falls in the middle of Easter weekend, the organizers have extended the early deadline to Sunday, April 8. Visit to register.



Canada at the Ski-Orienteering World Cup and World Masters

Several  Canadians participated in last week’s Ski Orienteering World Cup and World Masters Championship in Craftsbury, Vermont.

Event website / results

Robbie Graham, Milla Tarnoplolsky and Alex Bergstrom represented Canada in the World Cup:

Robbie Graham / Sprint 28th / Middle 26th / Sprint Relay 18th
Milla Tarnoplosky / Sprint 21st / Middle 21st / Sprint Relay 18th
Alex Bergstrom / Sprint 32nd / Middle 28th

The following Canadian orienteers competed in the World Masters:
Alin Duca
Philippe Cote Jacques
Nick Duca
Val Duca
Marketa Graham
Pam James
Jacqueline Tarnopolsky
Mark Gibbard
Ciprian Coman
Lach Yadkov
Mike Waddington
Cathy Bakker
Anita Brattland
Mary Ellen Connolly
Mark Tarnopolosky
Andrew Cornett
Paul Lefebvre
Ralph Lindzon
Stefan Bergstrom
Vladimir Gavrilov

Congratulations to these Canadians made the podium in the World Masters events:

W45 Val Duca – 2nd
W50 Marketa Graham – 2nd
W50 Pam James – 3rd
M50 Mark Gibbard – 3rd
W55 Cathy Bakker – 1st
W55 Anita Brattland – 2nd
W55 Mary Ellen Connolly – 3rd

Middle (combined of 2 races)
M40 Nick Duca – 2nd
W45 Val Duca – 2nd
W50 Pam James – 2nd
W50 Marketa Graham – 3rd
W55 Anita Brattland – 1st
W55 Mary Ellen Connolly – 2nd

2018 Jr National Training Camp registration now open

The 2018 Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp will be held August 15-16 in Whitehorse, Yukon, right before the North American Orienteering Championships in the Whitehorse area.

  • Registration is now open online
  • For more details, please see this document
  • Please note that camp registration is SEPARATE from NAOC and COC registration.

Announcing the members of the 2018 High Performance Program

Orienteering Canada is please to announce the 2018 High Performance Program.

The High Performance Program (HPP) is designed specifically to support athletes who wish to achieve excellence in international orienteering. The HPP offers coaching support, training opportunities, and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. The HPP supports athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete and Train to Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).

Any athlete wanting to compete in JWOC, WOC, World Cups, WUOC or World Games must be a member of the HPP. Full details on the application process, along with details on what the HPP can offer athletes, can be found in the Athlete Handbook which in available on the HPP webpage.

Read more about each athlete by clicking on their name to read their athlete profile.

Junior Women:
Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Emma Waddington
Nicole Whitmore

Junior Men:
David Bakker
Leif Blake
Graeme Farrand
Tomas Graham
Christian Michelsen
Jan-Erik Naess
David Svoboda
Michael Svoboda
Senior Women:
Pia Blake
Emily Kemp
Jennifer MacKeigan
Tori Owen
Emma Sherwood

Senior Men:
Alexander Bergstrom
Alexander Corbett
Will Critchley
Robbie Graham
Eric Kemp
Michael Kondro
Damian Konotopetz
Caelan McLean
Graeme Rennie
Adam Woods

Long time canadian orienteer Earle Phillips has passed away

Long-time champion of orienteering in Canada, Earle Phillips, passed away peacefully on February 12 at the age of 80. Living in the Hamilton area, Earle was active right to the end of his life, most recently completing a 10km run in November of 2017. Earle will be remembered by the orienteering community for his active involvement over a span of more than 30 years, during which he served as a board member at the club, provincial and national level, and was meet director or controller for numerous Canadian and North American Championships from the 1975 COCs to the 2006 NAOCs. Condolences from Orienteering Canada to Earle’s family and friends.

Earle’s obituary from the Hamilton Spectator:

Athlete Profile: Sianna Dorsey


Born 2001
Hometown Dundas, ON
Currently living Dundas, ON
Club DontGetLost
Occupation Student

What race are you looking forward to in 2019?


What is your favourite orienteering event that you have done so far?


Which map in Canada do you think all orienteers have to try at least once?

Yukon Desert Map

How do you normally prepare for an important race?

Stretch a lot and take gels

What do you like about orienteering?

It makes me feel free and allows to me exercise and work my brain.


Sianna is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2019 High Performance Program

Athlete Profile: Michael Kondro

Born 1993
Hometown Calgary, AB
Currently living Calgary, AB
What race are you looking forward to in 2019?
I am looking forward to COCs to get redemption for my miss punch in 2017.
What is your favorite orienteering event that you have done so far? 
FISU (World University Orienteering Championships) 2018. Great maps and fun orienteering.
Which map in Canada do you think all orienteers have to try at least once? 
UBC-great sprint map.
How do you normally prepare for an important race?
Cleaning myself up, shower lay out racing clothes. If you look good, you race good.
What do you like to do outside of orienteering? 
Hiking, skiing, climbing. Really anything in the mountains.


Michael K is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2019 High Performance Program

Athlete Profile: Alexander Corbett

Born 1997
Hometown Salmon Arm, BC
Currently living Kelowna, BC
Club Sage Orienteering Club
Occupation Student
Training log Attackpoint

What race are you looking forward to in 2019?

While there aren’t many big races for me this year and though COCs in Quebec will be a blast, I’m most looking forward to the Okanagan Adventure Running Tournament most. After last year’s success, we decided to organise it again. And even though I will be setting up and taking down courses and not racing them myself, it feels good to put something on for others occasionally. This year we are excited to try a proper qualifier-heats-final sprint format as well as some fun full-length sprints. Yes, there will be pie again for the winners (my favourite part).

What is your favourite orienteering event that you have done so far?

I love city sprints, always have. And so, the natural favourite was the 2017 COC city sprint in Perth, Ontario. Even though I made some relatively large blunders and was agonizingly close to the podium, it felt like a brilliantly set course that was oodles of fun to compete on.

Which map in Canada do you think all orienteers have to try at least once?

The 2017 WCOCs in Manitoba were run on the Cyprus River Sand Hills map. The spear grass and thigh-high poison ivy made navigating the broken forest of subtle negative topography even more mentally challenging that it already was. Since that weekend all other maps and have felt easy; It’s a great map for putting things into perspective.

How do you normally prepare for an important race?

The same way I prepare for all my races. A bowl of oatmeal with walnuts, flax, raisins, and maple syrup is my go to breakfast. I do not do an early morning activation run as I have never felt this helps. On the mental side, on the way to the race site I try to stay as calm as possible. I’m easily excitable and if the adrenalin starts too soon then there’s little buzz left for the race itself. And as a diabetic, I test my blood sugars roughly six times before a race so that I know exactly what is going on with my body and can react accordingly; Not having to worry about sugars during a competition is a huge mental break, which allows me to focus on my race.

What do you like to do outside of orienteering?

Like many on the HPP I am a student. So, when I’m not training, chances are I’m doing school work. Last summer I wormed my way into a biophysics lab at school and so can normally be found fighting with a microscope and talking incessantly about my project to anyone who foolish enough to listen.


Alexander C is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2019 High Performance Program