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Announcing Team Canada to the 2018 World Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Team Canada at the 2018 World Orienteering Championships (WOC) in Latvia (August 4 – August 11).

Will Critchley
Damian Konotopetz
Graeme Rennie

Jennifer MacKeigan

Athletes will race the following races:

Damian Konotopetz, Graeme Rennie
Jennifer MacKeigan

Damian Konotopetz
Jennifer MacKeigan

Will Critchley
Jennifer MacKeigan

Forest relay:
Will Critchley, Damian Konotopetz, Graeme Rennie (running order to be decided by the coach at WOC)

There are not enough athletes to have a complete sprint relay team or a women’s forest relay team.

Note: Eric Kemp and Emily Kemp declined their selections based on their 2017 WOC and 2017 COC results.

Raphael Ferrand will be the team coach. Nevin French will be the team manager.

Thank you to Stefan Bergstrom and the Senior Selection Committee (Wil Smith, Ted de St. Croix, Nina Waddington) for their work on this. Congratulations to the athletes and we look forward to cheering you on this summer in Latvia!

Updates to Team Canada for the 2018 Junior World World Orienteering Championships

An additional three athletes have been named to the Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC) team. The 2018 Junior World Orienteering Championships are in Kecskemét, Hungary.
They are joining the following athletes who were selected earlier in the year:

Note: Leif Blake declined his selection.

Jeff Teutsch will be the JWOC Coach. Meghan Rance will be the JWOC Team Manager.

Thank you to Stefan Bergstrom, Ross Burnett and Nevin French for being on the JWOC Selection Committee. Congratulations and good luck to all athletes who will be competing in Hungary this summer!