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Announcing the members of the 2018 High Performance Program

Orienteering Canada is pleased to announce the athlete members of the 2019 High Performance Program (HPP).

The HPP is designed specifically to support athletes who wish to achieve excellence in international orienteering. The HPP offers coaching support, training opportunities, and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. The HPP supports athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete and Train to Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).

Any athlete wanting to compete in JWOC, WOC, World Cups, WUOC or World Games must be a member of the HPP. Full details on the application process, along with details on what the HPP can offer athletes, can be found in the Athlete Handbook, which is available on the HPP webpage. New applicants must be able to submit a training log (such as on that covers at least the six months prior and have competitive results from Championship and Canada Cup races or international equivalents in the M/F 17-18, 19-20, or 21E categories.

Read more about each athlete on the 2019 HPP by clicking on their name to read their athlete profile.

Juniors Seniors
Lillian Bakker
Keeya Corbett
Tara Doherty
Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Brittany Pan

David Bakker
Leo Denotkine
Graeme Farrand
Thomas Lindale
Christian Michelsen
David Svoboda
Michael Svoboda
Pia Blake
Emily Kemp
Jennifer MacKeigan
Emma Sherwood
Emma Waddington

Alexander Bergstrom
Alexander Corbett
Will Critchley
Robbie Graham
Tomas Graham
Eric Kemp
Michael Kondro
Damian Konotopetz
Jan-Erik Naess
Graeme Rennie
Adam Woods

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