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New! Skills and Development Database

Orienteering Canada is excited to announce the official release of our Skills and Development Database, available at This online resource has been designed as an information hub (an online database) particularly for coaches but also has lots of information that is interesting and useful for all orienteers wanting to improve. Our goal with this project is to improve the development of orienteers as athletes and as people and through that, to grow the sport of orienteering.

The database contains information about our Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) as well as about the many varied skills orienteers should know from “Knowing the key elements of an orienteering map” to “Maintaining a good pre- and post-sleep routine“. The goal is to include skills that all orienteers of all skills and ages need to learn whether they are casual recreational orienteers or are aiming to become a world class competitor. Each skill is grouped as one of the following:

Each skill or practice lists the LTAD stage (related to age) at which orienteers should be learning that skill or applying that practice. Many skills also list links to relevant online resources. Some of these resources are further reading, some are exercises and games you can do, and some are videos explaining how to perform the skill.

There are currently over 150 skills and practices in the database – the majority of which are skills orienteers should be learning as youth or can learn as an adult entering the sport. The long term goal is to expand those 150 skills to well over 600. To do that we would love to have help from the broader orienteering community. As you explore the website, registered and logged in users (read on for more info) are encouraged to submit comments via the comment forms with suggestions of other skills to add, additional detail or content for any given skill, etc. These comments are private and are sent to the site administrator who will do his best to respond to all comments.  Worthwhile suggestions will be added to the website. You can also send an email directly to with any comments or feedback you have.

The skills in the Active StartFUNdamentals, and Learn to Train stages (0 to ~ 12 years old) are available publicly and don’t require a log in to view and explore.  We encourage everyone to create an account and log in to view view additional content (skills for the TRain to Train through Train to Win and Active for Life stages) and to be able to submit comments. Currently, to access the skills for the Train to Train through Train to Win and Active for Life stages, you need to be logged in and manually be provided access by an administrator (you can request access via your account settings page). In the future there will likely be additional features that require you to be logged in.

At the moment access to the Train to Train through Train to Win and Active for Life stage skills are only be provided to Canadian orienteers.  Everyone is welcome view the skills in the Active Start, Fundamentals, and Learn to Train stages.

Please explore the website as you will and share any or all of the above links and information with anyone who think might benefit from it. Any questions can be directed to Jeff Teutsch at

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