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Survey - we would like your input re Canada Cups

Orienteering Canada has convened a working group  to look at re-invigorating Canada Cup events. The working group is taking a “fresh look” at how to make Canada Cup events more attractive to host with the goals of having more higher quality events in Canada with more orienteers and organizers getting experience with these higher-level events.  The Working Group’s objective is to complete this project in 2019 so the new format can be implemented for the 2020 season

What are Canada Cup Events?
Canada Cup events is the name for what were formerly called “A-meets”.  Fundamentally, these are events that are the highest quality orienteering events in Canada and adhere to the complete rules of orienteering in Canada.  In recent years, these have been limited to Canadian Championships, Western Canadians and a sometimes Provincial championships.

What is the issue?
Over the years there has been a general decline in clubs hosting Canada Cup events.  This means there are fewer and fewer events being put on that meet the standard of quality that competitive orienteers desire to compete in.  What are the reasons clubs are not hosting as many top-quality events any more?  Are there barriers? Can it be made easier?  We know many clubs host high quality events locally, but do not get them listed as “Canada Cup” events—why is the occurring?

The working group taking an open look at Canada Cup events.  What are the objectives of Canada Cup events? Are they meeting the needs of orienteering in Canada?  What can be done to reduce barriers and increase the number of top-quality orienteering events in Canada.

The current schedule for the working group is to solicit input from clubs, event organizers and Canadian orienteers in the early May.  These inputs will be used to inform the development of a first proposal in time for the AGM in late July.  The remainder of the year will be used for Working Group, in collaboration with Orienteering Canada and its various Committees, to refine and ultimately finalize a new and/or updated format for Canada’s high-quality orienteering events.

With the above in mind we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes (the survey should only take about 5 minutes) to answer this survey by May 1st.

Canada Cup working group

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