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Announcing the 2020 inductees of the Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame

We are excited to announce the 2020 inductees to the Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame.

The Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame was introduced in 2017, as part of Orienteering Canada’s 50th anniversary celebrations, to recognize and honour the individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the sport in Canada.

In January 2020, we added to our Hall of Fame process, with additional categories. Nominations were due in February 2020. The next opportunity to nominate individuals will be in January 2022. Nominators are encouraged to resubmit nominations for individuals who have not been selected. The quality of applicants has been extremely high.

The 2020 inductees to the Orienteering Canada Hall of Fames are:

Order of Orienteering Canada (Lifetime Achievement):
Don Bayly, John Charlow, Adrian Zissos

Athlete Leadership:
Pam James, Ted de St. Croix 

Coaching Leadership:
Bill Anderson

Officials Leadership:
Earle Phillips, Malcolm Adams

Administrator Award of Distinction:  
Gord Hunter, Margaret James

Bios of the 2020 inductees, as well as the original inductees are available at

Thanks to the 2020 selection committee members: Kitty Jones, Jim Blanchard and Barbara Scheck

Orienteering simulation exercises - currently available at no cost

We are excited to present Orienteering Canada’s Simulation Exercise Program. This program has been designed both as a training program for our High Performance Program (HPP) athletes and as a fundraiser in which orienteers across Canada can gain access to the exercises being done by our HPP athletes. Under normal circumstances we would be provided these exercises in return for a donation to the HPP. However, for the duration of the nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19 we are providing access to these exercises for free. 

The exercises being made available are based on the simulation exercises in Michel Gueorgiou’s 2018 book The Winning Eye. Each exercise consists of some sort of map reading exercise with a map/course (often specifically designed) that is paired with a physical workout or a few options of workouts to do with the exercise.  

Each simulation exercise is designed to work on a specific aspect of your map reading or route planning.  All of the exercises are best done with a running component in order to stress the brain and mimic the conditions of orienteering. Many of the exercises, however, can also be done from the coach and will still be challenging!

Here are the links you need:

  1. “Read Me First” info to get you started.
  2. The Exercises
  3. The Common Answer Sheets

Let's Talk Orienteering Speaker Series

Orienteering Canada will be hosting presentations over the next few weeks and months. Please join us on Zoom to talk orienteering.

Tuesday July 21, 2020
5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern
Two Generation Orienteering Families
We’ll be talking with some Canadian orienteering families who have several generations involved in the sport. Join Emma & Mike Waddington, Rachel, Abbi & Brian May, Jan Erik & Oivind Naess and Kerstin & Ross Burnett. This moderated chat will talk about orienteering “then and now”, share some favourite memories and talk about growing up in an orienteering family.

Tuesday June 23, 2020
5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern
Mountain Bike & Ski Orienteering
Have you ever wanted to branch out your orienteering expertise beyond just running? Tune in to the next installment of our Let’s Talk Orienteering Speaker Series to hear all about Ski and Mountain Bike Orienteering from some of our athletes! In two short presentations, we will learn more about Ski-O from athletes Milla Tarnopolsky and Robbie Graham who have both raced at a Ski-O World Cup. We will then listen to Molly and Randy Kemp present about MTB-O and their recent international races in Denmark. These presentations and the stories that accompany them will be interesting for all orienteers, no matter your background in skiing or cycling.

Thursday, May 27, 2020
10 am pacific / 1 pm eastern
National Team Athlete Panel
Ever wondered what’s it’s like to train and compete as an elite orienteer? Join us for this panel discussion with national team athletes Emma Waddington, Robbie Graham, Christian Michelsen, and Emily Kemp. Moderated by Canada’s High Performance Manager, Jeff Teutsch, the conversation will cover everything from training routines and international racing, to travel and life with COVID-19 and without a racing season. With the wide range of topics this webinar should be equally interesting for aspiring your orienteers and for seasoned veterans of the sport.

Thursday, May 21, 2020
5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern
We love sprint orienteering. And why you should too!
When we think of sprint orienteering in Canada, we immediately think of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC), host club of the popular annual Sprint Camp. GVOC is famous for inventive sprint formats and using even the smallest of areas for fabulous orienteering, year-round. Join us for this presentation with GVOC member Graeme Rennie. Graeme will talk about the basics (and not so basics) of sprint orienteering, tips for creating basic maps, a bundle of different formats for fun training and events, and how sprint orienteering can help build your orienteering club.
>Apologies for accidentally missing the first bit of the presentation. Oops!

April 29, 2020
Map reading theory
A presentation by Jeff Teutsch (High Performance Manager, ex national team member and coach Jeff Teutsch) on the theory of map reading for orienteering. Learn about various models for map reading and how you can use them to improve your orienteering skills. This presentation is relevant to all levels of orienteer.  

Here are the references that Jeff mentions during the presentation:

>Visionary Head Start article
>Article about Thierry Gueorgiou’s map route planning approach
>Book: “The Winning Eye” by Michel Gueorgiou, for sale at orienteering stores around the world. Available in Canada in French and English at