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Orienteering simulation exercises - currently available at no cost

We are excited to present Orienteering Canada’s Simulation Exercise Program. This program has been designed both as a training program for our High Performance Program (HPP) athletes and as a fundraiser in which orienteers across Canada can gain access to the exercises being done by our HPP athletes. Under normal circumstances we would be provided these exercises in return for a donation to the HPP. However, for the duration of the nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19 we are providing access to these exercises for free. 

The exercises being made available are based on the simulation exercises in Michel Gueorgiou’s 2018 book The Winning Eye. Each exercise consists of some sort of map reading exercise with a map/course (often specifically designed) that is paired with a physical workout or a few options of workouts to do with the exercise.  

Each simulation exercise is designed to work on a specific aspect of your map reading or route planning.  All of the exercises are best done with a running component in order to stress the brain and mimic the conditions of orienteering. Many of the exercises, however, can also be done from the coach and will still be challenging!

Here are the links you need:

  1. “Read Me First” info to get you started.
  2. The Exercises
  3. The Common Answer Sheets

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