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Athlete Profile: Emma Sherwood

HometownCalgary, AB
Currently LivingCalgary, AB
Occupation Student
Training LogAttackpoint

If you had one tip for young orienteers, what would it be?
Take all the opportunities you can to get lots of different orienteering experience. This would include getting out on as many different maps in as many different types of terrain as possible, so you’re able to adapt to and have strategies for many different types of terrain. Also, try to get coached by many different people as some may have suggestions that work really well for you. Getting more experience in higher level competition can also be quite beneficial, and fun

How do you normally prepare for an important race?
There are several different preparation steps I do at different time intervals before a race. Long before the event, I plan my physical training so as to peak for the specific race. I also try to study any old maps of the area, and practice making courses and considering route choices on them. Closer to the race, I train on terrain similar to that of the race area. This is to get used to the terrain, the way it is mapped, and which navigation strategies are best for it.

The day before and the morning of the race, I make sure I get enough sleep, that I’m hydrated, and that I eat a good breakfast (for me this is normally cereal, water and two slices of toast). I have a normal warm-up routine before my race, involving dynamic stretching, running, and ideally a warm-up map: in addition to physical warm-up, I find mental/technical warm-up very important. Finally, on the way to the start I remind myself of the three brief things I’m planning on focusing on during my race. I would have already prepared these based on the training I did in similar terrain and my strengths and weaknesses at the time.

Emma is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2020 High Performance Program.

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