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Athlete Profile: Keeya Corbett

Hometown Salmon Arm, BC
Currently LivingSalmon Arm, BC
Training LogAttackpoint

How did you first get involved in orienteering?

One of our ski coaches, Phil Wallensteen, would occasionally set up a ski-o course.. This was my first real interaction with orienteering. I started to get more involved with Orienteering after my brother started orienteering. The first big event that I participated in was COCs in Canmore (2016). After my first COC event I quit being a swimmer so I could focus my time on orienteering.

How do you normally prepare for an important race?

Before a big race I like to try to find a space where there is less noise so as to not overcrowd my brain (this can be on a warm up map). If I cannot find a quiet place I may listen to music. When I am certain that I will be in the right headspace for my race I will start a warm up. If there is a warm up map I will go onto it to get an idea of the terrain. If it is a remote start I like to arrive there at least ten minutes (time may vary due to distance to start) before my start as I am known to panic if I believe I will be late.

Keeya is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2020 High Performance Program.

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