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Athlete Profile: Robert Graham

HometownOttawa, ON
Currently LivingOttawa, ON
ClubOrienteering Ottawa
Occupation Software Developer
Training LogAttackpoint

How did you first get involved in orienteering? 
My parents were heavily involved in the sport (both national team members) so they dragged me out to our local Sunday meets, occasionally against my will ;). My first orienteering event I was 3 weeks old and my mother carried me around the novice course in Gatineau park.

What would a typical week of training look like for you (at a part of the season of your choosing)?
I start the week off in the gym with a lower body workout, deadlift is my favourite. On Tuesday I do a light cardio activity like running, biking, or cross-country skiing. Wednesday morning, I do some conditioning, strengthening little muscles used for stabilization, balance, and injury prevention. In the evening our club has a local running group that always does some fun and interesting workouts. Thursday is another day of light cardio. Friday I’m back in the gym this time for upper body (for cross country skiing but also to have a little more power when I’m out in the woods). Weekends I’m either away at races or if not, I’ll do some long activities. Again biking, skiing, running, or orienteering, usually up in Gatineau Park. And all throughout the week I look at maps, old courses, do some visualization, and mediation to stay sharp. I find this is great to do in the winter, so come the orienteering season I can get right into the swing of things.

Robert is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2020 High Performance Program.

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