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Athlete Profile: Will Critchley

HometownEdmonton, AB
Currently LivingJyväskylä, Finland
OccupationSport Psychology Coach,
Intellectual Property Manager
Training LogStrava

If you had one tip for young orienteers, what would it be?
The most interesting thing I’ve learned in psychology, from educational psychology, is to spend time “thinking about thinking”. Too often people attribute mental abilities to being naturally good at something, which I concluded is wrong. Its just a matter of those people having figured out how to organize the information they receive and utilize it in an effective matter. It is why there are people that can memorize pi to hundreds of digits. They have come up with strategies to effectively memorize and recall the information. They have structured their thinking in a meaningful way. So, when it comes to orienteering, think about your process, what information do you need? What information do you need to store? How do you make it meaningful and effective for your strategies? Every map might be different, but you can start with identifying in every terrain what are the important features, how do you make them stand out to you, in the terrain and on the map?

What would a typical week of training look like for you (at a part of the season of your choosing)?
3 intensity sessions per week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Filler training the rest of the week, consisting of easy volume, or a strength workout twice a week. Saturdays and Sundays are ideally days to “double down”, or to do a longer workout on Sunday. This is a fairly standard training system for people who work full-time.

Will is a member of Orienteering Canada’s 2020 High Performance Program.

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