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Announcement re future North American Orienteering Championships

Orienteering USA and Orienteering Canada, with approval from the International Orienteering Federation, have made the decision to postpone the next two North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC). Organizers of both events are in full agreement.

The NAOCs in California will now be held in 2023 instead of this summer. The NAOCs scheduled for 2022 in Ottawa, Canada will move to 2024 or 2025.
California OFest, including NAOCs, in 2023 will be hosted with little change from what was planned – first for 2020, then for 2021, now for 2023. This summer Bay Area Orienteering Club (BAOC) will host an alternative event in the Lake Tahoe area for those who can travel and attend.

In Canada, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it has not been possible to get mapping done in time for a major 2022 event, so organizers have requested a move to after the CalOFest NAOCs. The final date of 2024 or 2025 is yet to be determined but will be decided jointly by Orienteering Canada and Orienteering USA, in conjunction with the IOF.

A special thank you to organizers of all orienteering events who have had to make changes and adaptations because of COVID-19. It is you who keep our sport going!

We all look forward to when we can gather and orienteer again without any restrictions!

Anne Teutsch, PresidentOrienteering Canada | Course d’orientation CanadaClare Durand, PresidentOrienteering USA

Let's Talk Orienteering: Girls & Orienteering

Orienteering Ottawa, in partnership with Orienteering Canada, is inviting you to attend a virtual panel discussion on the participation of girls in orienteering. The panel will include Orienteering Ottawa club including board members, coaches, and parents, in addition to Team Canada Athletes, Emma Sherwood and Emma Waddington.

Topics of discussion will include but are not limited to 1) how youth programs can be improved to provide positive experiences for girls and 2) the impact of female coaches on the experience of female athletes in orienteering.

We welcome questions, challenges you may have encountered, or successes you wish to share in advance.  Please send these in advance to tracyATorienteeringDOTca. 

Join us on Wednesday, April 28th at 7pm EST to take part in the discussion.

Register in advance:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

North American Orienteering Championships moved to 2023

Announcement from the California Orienteering Festival