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Changes to COVID protocols

Hello Canadian orienteering community,

March 2022 Update

Effective March 10, 2022 Orienteering Canada will no longer require clubs/associations to follow the “Return to Sport Management Plan for COVID-19 Risks” including the need for the health declaration. While adhering to the Management Plan is no longer required for orienteering events and programs, orienteering clubs, associations and event organizers must, at a minimum, follow their local and provincial/territorial health authorities on all COVID related guidelines (including screening, masking, gathering limits, travel, isolation etc). Please ensure that your club/association is well informed in order to make appropriate decisions regarding activities and levels of risk in this changing environment. Clubs/associations may choose to exceed the minimum requirements by implementing more stringent policies and procedures for their events and programs regarding vaccination, screening, masking, or other policies. We encourage clubs/associations to remain flexible and ready to respond. Orienteering Canada’s COVID-19 resources will remain on the website for reference.  

A reminder: participants are still required to complete the Orienteering Canada waiver (adults) or assumption of risk (minors). (available here)

We encourage all participants to continue to do their own individual risk assessments and health mitigation as we re-establish our connections and return to a more regular season of orienteering events and activities.

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