Orienteering Canada Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Orienteering Canada is comprised of:

Elected positions:
President Anne Teutsch
Treasurer Bruce Glen
Director Emma Sherwood
Director Cheryl Smith
Director Erik Blake
Director Emil Gadjanski
Director Malin Hansen
Athletes’ Representative Emma Waddington
Appointed positions:
Vice President

Term expires at 2022 AGM: Anne, Emma S, Emil
Term expires at 2023 AGM: , Bruce G, Erik, Malin, Cheryl
The Athletes’ Representative is elected by the national team athletes. The term is for 3 years.

Orienteering Canada Staff
Executive Director: Tracy Bradley
High Performance Manager: Jeff Teutsch
Communications and Development Director (volunteer position): Charlotte MacNaughton

Orienteering Canada governance documents:

Other documents:

Annual General Meetings:

Board meeting minutes: