Orienteering By Foot

Orienteering by foot is arguably the most well known form of orienteering. When orienteering by foot, the orienteer navigates their way through a course using a map and compass while running or walking.

Both urban orienteering and traditional trail orienteering fall under this category. During a trail orienteering event, orienteers are required to find their way through woods, over mountains, through creeks and all different types of cross country terrain. Urban orienteering takes participants through the streets and avenues of a town or city.

Foot orienteering includes a variety of races including: relays, individual short distance races all the way through to epic mountain marathons. Night orienteering – where an orienteer navigates the route with the use of a head lamp – is also common.

Gear Required

  • Running shoes (or trail runners) with not slip soles
  • Weather appropriate exercise apparel for moving through the forest or urban area
  • Eye protection (i.e. sunglasses – tinted or clear) to protect your eyes from branches and other obstacles
  • Compass
  • Map (to be provided by organizer)
  • Control card or electronic punch – showing proof that the orienteers made it to the appropriate check points, and in the correct order