Mountain Bike Orienteering

Of the different disciplines of orienteering, mountain bike is the newest and it is growing a large group of followers including mountain bikers looking for a new challenge, as well as seasoned orienteers. The draw – it demands a great amount of mental and physical strength.

The major challenge: excellent bike handling is required!

For safety, mountain biker orienteers are not permitted to leave the tracks.

Gear Required

  • Helmet
  • Mountain bike (brakes will be checked by race organizers prior to race start)
  • Mountain bike apparel
  • Map holder – attached to the bike or chest of the competitor to allow viewing of the map without stopping
  • Compass
  • Map (to be provided by organizer)
  • Control card Control card or electronic punch – showing proof that the orienteers made it to the appropriate check points, and in the correct order