Ski Orienteering

Can’t get enough of the snow? Neither can we.

Staying on groomed trails, ski orienteers determine which routes will get them to the next control the fastest. The route choice is based on quality of trails, distance, terrain, etc. all of which is determined by referencing the participant’s map.

Ski orienteering includes relay, short, middle and long distance races. To compete, orienteers must be able to do both skate and classic style cross country skiing. There can be plenty of downhill, turns and fun along the way.

Gear Required

  • Classic or skate skis, poles, boots, etc. depending on race type
  • Mountain bike (brakes will be checked by race organizers prior to race start)
  • Cross country ski appropriate clothing
  • Map holder – attached to the chest of the competitor to allow viewing of the map without stopping
  • Compass
  • Map (to be provided by organizer)
  • Control card or electronic punch – showing proof that the orienteers made it to the appropriate check points, and in the correct order


Elite competition