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Survey - we would like your input re Canada Cups

Orienteering Canada has convened a working group  to look at re-invigorating Canada Cup events. The working group is taking a “fresh look” at how to make Canada Cup events more attractive to host with the goals of having more higher quality events in Canada with more orienteers and organizers getting experience with these higher-level events.  The Working Group’s objective is to complete this project in 2019 so the new format can be implemented for the 2020 season

What are Canada Cup Events?
Canada Cup events is the name for what were formerly called “A-meets”.  Fundamentally, these are events that are the highest quality orienteering events in Canada and adhere to the complete rules of orienteering in Canada.  In recent years, these have been limited to Canadian Championships, Western Canadians and a sometimes Provincial championships.

What is the issue?
Over the years there has been a general decline in clubs hosting Canada Cup events.  This means there are fewer and fewer events being put on that meet the standard of quality that competitive orienteers desire to compete in.  What are the reasons clubs are not hosting as many top-quality events any more?  Are there barriers? Can it be made easier?  We know many clubs host high quality events locally, but do not get them listed as “Canada Cup” events—why is the occurring?

The working group taking an open look at Canada Cup events.  What are the objectives of Canada Cup events? Are they meeting the needs of orienteering in Canada?  What can be done to reduce barriers and increase the number of top-quality orienteering events in Canada.

The current schedule for the working group is to solicit input from clubs, event organizers and Canadian orienteers in the early May.  These inputs will be used to inform the development of a first proposal in time for the AGM in late July.  The remainder of the year will be used for Working Group, in collaboration with Orienteering Canada and its various Committees, to refine and ultimately finalize a new and/or updated format for Canada’s high-quality orienteering events.

With the above in mind we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes (the survey should only take about 5 minutes) to answer this survey by May 1st.

Canada Cup working group

Contract Job Opportunity: High Performance Committee Manager

We are searching for a High Performance Committee (HPC) Manager.

The job description can be found here. The High Performance Committee terms of reference can be found here. It is a paid position (hourly wage to be discussed) that is done remotely. The position is for up to 4 hours per week (attendance at HPC meetings is expected when possible, but is not paid).

Candidates should submit a letter of interest outlining why they are suitable for the position to by April 22, 2019.

Announcing Team Canada to the 2019 Junior World Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Canada at the 2019 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Denmark (July 6-12).


Keeya Corbett
Tara Doherty
Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Brittany Pan


Graeme Farrand
Christian Michelsen
David Svoboda
Michael Svoboda

David Bakker declined his selection.

Congratulations to those selected and thank you to everyone who applied. We look forward to cheering you on in Denmark this summer!

We are still seeking a JWOC Coach and JWOC Team Manager. If you are interested in either of these roles, please refer to the postings for more details. The deadline is April 1 for interested candidates.

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee would like to thank Stefan Bergstrom, Cherie Revells and Nevin French for being on the JWOC Selection Committee.

Announcing the members of the 2018 High Performance Program

Orienteering Canada is pleased to announce the athlete members of the 2019 High Performance Program (HPP).

The HPP is designed specifically to support athletes who wish to achieve excellence in international orienteering. The HPP offers coaching support, training opportunities, and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. The HPP supports athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete and Train to Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).

Any athlete wanting to compete in JWOC, WOC, World Cups, WUOC or World Games must be a member of the HPP. Full details on the application process, along with details on what the HPP can offer athletes, can be found in the Athlete Handbook, which is available on the HPP webpage. New applicants must be able to submit a training log (such as on that covers at least the six months prior and have competitive results from Championship and Canada Cup races or international equivalents in the M/F 17-18, 19-20, or 21E categories.

Read more about each athlete on the 2019 HPP by clicking on their name to read their athlete profile.

Juniors Seniors
Lillian Bakker
Keeya Corbett
Tara Doherty
Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Brittany Pan

David Bakker
Leo Denotkine
Graeme Farrand
Thomas Lindale
Christian Michelsen
David Svoboda
Michael Svoboda
Pia Blake
Emily Kemp
Jennifer MacKeigan
Emma Sherwood
Emma Waddington

Alexander Bergstrom
Alexander Corbett
Will Critchley
Robbie Graham
Tomas Graham
Eric Kemp
Michael Kondro
Damian Konotopetz
Jan-Erik Naess
Graeme Rennie
Adam Woods

Volunteer Opportunities: Team Manager and Coach for Team Canada at JWOC and WOC 2019

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee is seeking applicants for the volunteer positions of team manager and coach for the 2019 World Orienteering Championship in Norway (August 12-17, 2019 with a training period up to a week before) and Junior World Orienteering Championships in Denmark (July 6-12, 2019 with a training period up to a week before).

Email applications to by April 1, 2019.

Details are available at these links:

JWOC Team Manager 2019 – call for applications
JWOC Coach 2019 – call for applications

WOC Team Manager 2019 – call for applications
WOC Coach 2019 – call for applications

New! Skills and Development Database

Orienteering Canada is excited to announce the official release of our Skills and Development Database, available at This online resource has been designed as an information hub (an online database) particularly for coaches but also has lots of information that is interesting and useful for all orienteers wanting to improve. Our goal with this project is to improve the development of orienteers as athletes and as people and through that, to grow the sport of orienteering.

The database contains information about our Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) as well as about the many varied skills orienteers should know from “Knowing the key elements of an orienteering map” to “Maintaining a good pre- and post-sleep routine“. The goal is to include skills that all orienteers of all skills and ages need to learn whether they are casual recreational orienteers or are aiming to become a world class competitor. Each skill is grouped as one of the following:

Each skill or practice lists the LTAD stage (related to age) at which orienteers should be learning that skill or applying that practice. Many skills also list links to relevant online resources. Some of these resources are further reading, some are exercises and games you can do, and some are videos explaining how to perform the skill.

There are currently over 150 skills and practices in the database – the majority of which are skills orienteers should be learning as youth or can learn as an adult entering the sport. The long term goal is to expand those 150 skills to well over 600. To do that we would love to have help from the broader orienteering community. As you explore the website, registered and logged in users (read on for more info) are encouraged to submit comments via the comment forms with suggestions of other skills to add, additional detail or content for any given skill, etc. These comments are private and are sent to the site administrator who will do his best to respond to all comments.  Worthwhile suggestions will be added to the website. You can also send an email directly to with any comments or feedback you have.

The skills in the Active StartFUNdamentals, and Learn to Train stages (0 to ~ 12 years old) are available publicly and don’t require a log in to view and explore.  We encourage everyone to create an account and log in to view view additional content (skills for the TRain to Train through Train to Win and Active for Life stages) and to be able to submit comments. Currently, to access the skills for the Train to Train through Train to Win and Active for Life stages, you need to be logged in and manually be provided access by an administrator (you can request access via your account settings page). In the future there will likely be additional features that require you to be logged in.

At the moment access to the Train to Train through Train to Win and Active for Life stage skills are only be provided to Canadian orienteers.  Everyone is welcome view the skills in the Active Start, Fundamentals, and Learn to Train stages.

Please explore the website as you will and share any or all of the above links and information with anyone who think might benefit from it. Any questions can be directed to Jeff Teutsch at

2019 High Performance Program Applications Due November 25

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee is seeking applications from athletes to become members of the 2019 High Performance Program (HPP).

All athletes who meet the eligibility requirements and who have a strong desire to improve their abilities with a long or short term goal of representing Canada in orienteering are encouraged to apply to the HPP. Those wishing to compete in the Junior World Orienteering Championships, World Orienteering Championships, or World Cups are required to be members of the HPP. Membership is from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019. There is a fee of $100 to join the 2019 HPP.

In order to be accepted to the HPP, athletes must:
● be at the Learn To Compete , Train To Compete , or Train To Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s LTAD model,
● have competitive results in M/W17-18, M/W19-20 or M/W21E at major national and/or international events,
● develop a training plan, in conjunction with an HPP Coach, that targets the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects of orienteering
● be prepared to put in the required training to compete at or near an international level in accordance with the above mentioned training plan,
● demonstrate a desire to represent Canada in international competition,
● have orienteering training as a main focus, and
● successfully complete the HPP application process

More information and complete details about the application process are in the 2019 Athlete Handbook which is now available on the High Performance Program page. Questions can be emailed to

Orienteering Canada Conference Schedule

2018 Orienteering Canada Conference

Wednesday August 22, 2018
Coast High Country Inn, 4051 4th Avenue – Ballroom B

What’s Happening in Mapping in Canada?
Hosted by: Mapping Committee

Hosting Championship Events
Hosted by: Major Events Committee

Revitalizing the Canada Cup Series
Hosted by: Technical Committee

12:00    Lunch – on own

Overcoming Mental Fatigue
Presented by: Magali Robert

Orienteering Canada’s Athlete Development Program
Presented by: Jeff Teutsch

Orienteering Canada AGM

High Performance Program Silent Auction - Seeking Donations

Every year the High Performance Program (HPP) holds a silent auction fundraiser at the Canadian Orienteering Championships. Proceeds go towards supporting our elite athletes. This year the silent auction will be at the North American Orienteering Championship’s banquet on Monday, August 20th.

Members of the High Performance Program will be donating items, but we greatly rely on and appreciate donations from the Canadian orienteering community, their family and friends, and any out of country orienteers.

If you would like to donate something, here are a few ideas:

– Could your club donate an entry to an upcoming event?
– Are you a crafter – can you donate something like a pair of home-made mittens or a hat? pottery? weaving? sculpture? jewellery?
– Are you a foodie – can you donate a jar of home-made jam, a batch of cookies, a ready-to-go home-made baking mix, some home-made granola?
– Do you have a cabin or cottage that you could donate a gift certificate for a weekend or a week’s stay at?
– Do you live in a tourist destination and could offer B&B for a weekend or longer? (especially great if it was in conjunction with future orienteering events)
– Are you an artist – do you have a sketch of an orienteering scene, or a great photograph that you could put in a frame?
– Could you ask your local running/sport store to donate an item?
– Do you have a new unused item kicking around your house that you would love to get rid of – it might just be someone else’s treasure!
– Other ideas? Think about what you would like to bid on.

If you have an item to donate, you can bring it with you to the Yukon or send it along with someone who is attending. If you know what you’re bringing, you can email jamackeigan[at]hotmail[dot]com. We can do some promotion of the bigger ticket items and have an idea of how many items we will have to set-up. If you are donating any items (thank you!), they can be dropped off at package pick-up. The silent auction coordinator, Jennifer Mackeigan, will collect them from there.

If you are coming to the NAOCs/COCs, please bid generously! Don’t forget your wallet and/or your cheque book. Cash or cheque is the preferred payment method, but we will be able to take credit cards.

Those of you who have been to one before know that the Silent Auction is a lot of fun, often with frantic bidding as time runs out. You never know what the highly sought after items will be. And if you can’t make it to the Yukon this year, there is always the option of allowing a trusted friend to bid for you! Just give a budget limit and an idea of what you want.

The HPP is very appreciative of all the support we receive and we look forward to seeing you in the Yukon!

Announcing Team Canada to the 2018 World Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Team Canada at the 2018 World Orienteering Championships (WOC) in Latvia (August 4 – August 11).

Will Critchley
Damian Konotopetz
Graeme Rennie

Jennifer MacKeigan

Athletes will race the following races:

Damian Konotopetz, Graeme Rennie
Jennifer MacKeigan

Damian Konotopetz
Jennifer MacKeigan

Will Critchley
Jennifer MacKeigan

Forest relay:
Will Critchley, Damian Konotopetz, Graeme Rennie (running order to be decided by the coach at WOC)

There are not enough athletes to have a complete sprint relay team or a women’s forest relay team.

Note: Eric Kemp and Emily Kemp declined their selections based on their 2017 WOC and 2017 COC results.

Raphael Ferrand will be the team coach. Nevin French will be the team manager.

Thank you to Stefan Bergstrom and the Senior Selection Committee (Wil Smith, Ted de St. Croix, Nina Waddington) for their work on this. Congratulations to the athletes and we look forward to cheering you on this summer in Latvia!