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Announcing Team Canada to the 2018 Junior World Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Canada at the 2018 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Kecskemét, Hungary


Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Emma Waddington


Leif Blake
Christian Michelsen
Jan Erik Naess
Michael Svoboda

Two additional men may be added to the team by May 10th.

Congratulations to those selected and thanks to everyone who applied.

Jeff Teutsch will be the JWOC Coach. Meghan Rance will be the JWOC Team Manager.

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee would like to thank Stefan Bergstrom, Ross Burnett and Nevin French for being on the JWOC Selection Committee.

Announcing Team Canada to the 2018 World University Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Canada at the 2018 World University Orienteering Championships in Kuortane, Finland.


Robbie Graham
Tomas Graham
Michael Kondro
Michael Svoboda
Adam Woods


Pia Blake
Emma Waddington

Note: Alexander Corbett and Emma Sherwood declined their selection.

Athletes will race in the following races:

Men’s long: Adam Woods, Robbie Graham, Tomas Graham, Michael Kondro
Men’s middle: Adam Woods, Michael Svoboda, Robbie Graham, Tomas Graham
Men’s sprint: Adam Woods, Michael Kondro, Michael Svoboda, Robbie Graham
Men’s relay team 1: Adam Woods, Robbie Graham, Tomas Graham
Men’s relay team 2: Michael Kondro, Pia Blake, Emma Waddington
Women’s long: Emma Waddington, Pia Blake
Women’s middle: Emma Waddington, Pia Blake
Women’s sprint: Emma Waddington

Sprint relay: Michael Svoboda, Michael Kondro, Pia Blake, Emma Waddington

Congratulations to those selected and thanks to everyone who applied.

Marg Ellis will be the WUOC coach and team manager.

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee would like to thank Stefan Bergstrom, Ted de St. Croix, and Wil Smith for their work selecting the team.

2018 Athlete Representative Election Process

2018 Athlete Representative Election Process


In 2008 the position of Athlete Representative was created. The athlete representative sits on both the High Performance Committee (HPC) and the Orienteering Canada Board of Directors as a full voting member with a mandate to look after the interests of high performance athletes.

The position was initially held by Brent Langbakk, then Patrick Goeres, Jeff Teutsch and now Tori Owen whose term is ending this summer. We are looking for an athlete who is, or has been within the last four years, a member of the Junior or Senior National Team, is interested in this position and meets the eligibility requirements.

Term of the Athlete Representative

The elected individual will serve a 3-year term starting immediately after the 2018 Orienteering Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM). After the 2018 Orienteering Canada AGM, the Athlete Rep will be a voting member of the Orienteering Canada Board of Directors and Orienteering Canada’s official representative to Athletes CAN, the Association of National Team Athletes.

Responsibility of the Athlete Representative

The representative is expected to, among other things:

  • represent the interests of the high performance athletes in any Board discussions that affect high performance training, competition, hosting and/or the ability of the athletes to perform
  • be the liaison between high performance athletes and the Board
  • ensure that communication takes place between high performance athletes regarding issues of interest and impact to the high performance program
  • be a member of the High Performance Committee (HPC)
  • fulfill the duties of a Orienteering Canada board member
  • be the Orienteering Canada Athletes’ Rep to AthletesCAN including attending the annual AthletesCAN Forum (travel and accommodation expenses are paid for), which is usually held in the fall.

The job description is available at this link:

Who elects the Athlete Representative?

In 2014 a new Canadian Not For Profit Act was implemented which governs what not for profit organizations can and cannot do. In order to comply with this act the Athlete Rep election process is somewhat convoluted. Instead of electing someone directly to the board of directors, junior and senior national team members will elect a National Senior and Junior Team Member Delegate (“The Delegate”) to a special class of Orienteering Canada membership prior to Orienteering Canada’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Delegate then elects an athlete rep at the AGM. It is understood that The Delegate will elect themselves to the position of athlete rep.

For the purposes of electing The Delegate by junior and senior national team members, and given the timing of the election and the fact that the 2018 JWOC and WOC team have not been finalized, the athletes eligible to vote are:

2017 WOC team (Emily Kemp, Emma Waddington, Eric Kemp, Will Critchley, Damian Konotopetz)

2017 JWOC team (Emma Sherwood, Emma Waddington, Nicole Whitmore, David Bakker

Leif Blake, Caelan McLean, Christian Michelsen, Jan Erik Naess, Michael Svoboda)

*Emma Waddington will have one vote only.

Who is eligible to be the Athlete Representative?

To be eligible to be the athlete representative the individual must be representing Canada as a team member at the Junior World or World Orienteering Championships this year (2018) or have done so within the past four years. The individual does not have to be a current member of the High Performance Program. The individual must be eighteen years of age or older as well as other requirements outlined in the Orienteering Canada by-laws (section 2.02).

Nomination process

The call for nomination will be circulated via email and web to the Canadian orienteering community. Nominations for the position must be sent to Orienteering Canada (by email to by May 1st, 2018. Individuals can nominate themselves or someone else can nominate an individual with his/her prior approval.

All nominees will have the opportunity to submit answers (by May 5, 2018 to to the following questions:

  1. Why do you wish to run for The Delegate position (with the intent of becoming the Athlete Representative)? (answer not to exceed 250 words)
  2. What is your vision for elite orienteering in Canada? (answer not to exceed 250 words)

Election process

By May 10th, 2018 a representative of the HPC will send by email the list of nominated athletes and their responses to the above questions to all those eligible to vote.

Voting will be closed at May 30th, 2018, 11:59pm MST by replying by email with the name of the desired Delegate. The email is to be sent to the two Orienteering Canada officials acting as proctors (the email addresses of the proctors will be sent with the voting information). The elected individual will be announced by June 5, 2018.

This document was approved by the High Performance Committee on April 3, 2018


Orienteering Mappers wanted

Orienteering Mappers wanted

Orienteering Canada is looking for Orienteering mappers for mapping projects in Glenboro Manitoba, Bridgewater Nova Scotia and Gatineau Quebec. Other locations may become available later.

The work involves field checking and drafting orienteering maps to ISOM2017 and ISSOM2007 standards. The jobs are short term contracts, typically 6 to 8 weeks. The wage is $25-$30 per hour dependent on experience. The applicant must be fluent in English.

We are looking for experienced orienteering mappers with a good track record.

For more information contact Orienteering Canada at

NAOC/COC early bird regis extended to April 8

From the organizers:

Because the North American and Canadian Orienteering champs early registration deadline falls in the middle of Easter weekend, the organizers have extended the early deadline to Sunday, April 8. Visit to register.



Canada at the Ski-Orienteering World Cup and World Masters

Several  Canadians participated in last week’s Ski Orienteering World Cup and World Masters Championship in Craftsbury, Vermont.

Event website / results

Robbie Graham, Milla Tarnoplolsky and Alex Bergstrom represented Canada in the World Cup:

Robbie Graham / Sprint 28th / Middle 26th / Sprint Relay 18th
Milla Tarnoplosky / Sprint 21st / Middle 21st / Sprint Relay 18th
Alex Bergstrom / Sprint 32nd / Middle 28th

The following Canadian orienteers competed in the World Masters:
Alin Duca
Philippe Cote Jacques
Nick Duca
Val Duca
Marketa Graham
Pam James
Jacqueline Tarnopolsky
Mark Gibbard
Ciprian Coman
Lach Yadkov
Mike Waddington
Cathy Bakker
Anita Brattland
Mary Ellen Connolly
Mark Tarnopolosky
Andrew Cornett
Paul Lefebvre
Ralph Lindzon
Stefan Bergstrom
Vladimir Gavrilov

Congratulations to these Canadians made the podium in the World Masters events:

W45 Val Duca – 2nd
W50 Marketa Graham – 2nd
W50 Pam James – 3rd
M50 Mark Gibbard – 3rd
W55 Cathy Bakker – 1st
W55 Anita Brattland – 2nd
W55 Mary Ellen Connolly – 3rd

Middle (combined of 2 races)
M40 Nick Duca – 2nd
W45 Val Duca – 2nd
W50 Pam James – 2nd
W50 Marketa Graham – 3rd
W55 Anita Brattland – 1st
W55 Mary Ellen Connolly – 2nd

2018 Jr National Training Camp registration now open

The 2018 Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp will be held August 15-16 in Whitehorse, Yukon, right before the North American Orienteering Championships in the Whitehorse area.

  • Registration is now open online
  • For more details, please see this document
  • Please note that camp registration is SEPARATE from NAOC and COC registration.

Announcing the members of the 2018 High Performance Program

Orienteering Canada is please to announce the 2018 High Performance Program.

The High Performance Program (HPP) is designed specifically to support athletes who wish to achieve excellence in international orienteering. The HPP offers coaching support, training opportunities, and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. The HPP supports athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete and Train to Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).

Any athlete wanting to compete in JWOC, WOC, World Cups, WUOC or World Games must be a member of the HPP. Full details on the application process, along with details on what the HPP can offer athletes, can be found in the Athlete Handbook which in available on the HPP webpage.

Read more about each athlete by clicking on their name to read their athlete profile.

Junior Women:
Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Emma Waddington
Nicole Whitmore

Junior Men:
David Bakker
Leif Blake
Graeme Farrand
Tomas Graham
Christian Michelsen
Jan-Erik Naess
David Svoboda
Michael Svoboda
Senior Women:
Pia Blake
Emily Kemp
Jennifer MacKeigan
Tori Owen
Emma Sherwood

Senior Men:
Alexander Bergstrom
Alexander Corbett
Will Critchley
Robbie Graham
Eric Kemp
Michael Kondro
Damian Konotopetz
Caelan McLean
Graeme Rennie
Adam Woods

Long time canadian orienteer Earle Phillips has passed away

Long-time champion of orienteering in Canada, Earle Phillips, passed away peacefully on February 12 at the age of 80. Living in the Hamilton area, Earle was active right to the end of his life, most recently completing a 10km run in November of 2017. Earle will be remembered by the orienteering community for his active involvement over a span of more than 30 years, during which he served as a board member at the club, provincial and national level, and was meet director or controller for numerous Canadian and North American Championships from the 1975 COCs to the 2006 NAOCs. Condolences from Orienteering Canada to Earle’s family and friends.

Earle’s obituary from the Hamilton Spectator:

December 2017 newsletter published

The latest Orienteering Canada newsletter is now available here.

2017, December Vol 23:

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