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Inviting Nominations to the 2020 class of the Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame

The Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame was introduced in 2017, as part of Orienteering Canada’s 50th anniversary celebrations. We inducted 10 individuals as Builders (now called the Order of Orienteering Canada) in the inaugural Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame: Pat de St. Croix, Jack Forsyth, Kitty Jones, Colin Kirk, Jack Lee, Charlotte MacNaughton, Sass Peepre, Chris Skene, Patricia Skene and Jim Webster. Read more about the inaugural inductees here.

We are now launching our on-going Hall of Fame process, as we build on and grow our Hall of Fame. We have expanded the number of categories. The nomination window is now open.

January 15 – request for nominations announced
February 15 – nomination deadline
March 15 – Hall of Fame inductees announced
Nominations will be accepted every two years: 2020, 2022, 2024, etc.

Purpose & Categories
Great sport organizations are built with purpose, and by people with passion, vision and dedication. This sport thrives because of the people who have made distinguished, lasting and valuable contributions and commitment to improve all areas of orienteering. The purpose of the Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame is to recognize and honour the individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the sport in Canada. The Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame includes the following categories:

  1. Order of Orienteering Canada (Lifetime Achievement)
    (The initial 2017 inductees are in this category. We have changed the name from the original “Builder” category).
  2. Athlete Leadership
  3. Coaching Leadership
  4. Officials Leadership
  5. Administrator Award of Distinction

Category Information

Order of Orienteering Canada (Lifetime Achievement)
This category recognizes and brings attention to those who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to building the sport of orienteering in Canada. Individuals in this category have dedicated years of leadership service at international, national, provincial/territorial and/or the club level. Their vision, leadership and effort has made a distinct, valuable, positive and long lasting impact on Canadian orienteering.
This lifetime achievement award shall be given to individuals who have contributed to the sports heritage of Canadian orienteering for a period of not less than fifteen (15) years, although such a period of service need not necessarily be consecutive.
The Order of Orienteering Canada is the highest award in Canadian orienteering. 

Athlete Leadership
The category applies to athletes who have achieved outstanding and long term success in Canada, or as a Canadian competing abroad and who demonstrate exemplary values, both on and off the field of play. Athletes will be evaluated on their personal sport achievements and also on their contributions and the impact they have made to orienteering in their community.

Officials Leadership
Individuals in this category have made an exemplary contribution over a period of years as an official (course setter, controller and/or event director). Individuals may have also made a significant contribution as a developer or instructor of Orienteering Canada’s officials development programs and/or other technical aspects of the sport (such as: rules, event guidelines, LTAD development, etc). Outstanding Canadian mappers may also be included in this category.

Coaching Leadership
Individuals in this category have made an outstanding contribution over a period of years as an orienteering coach and/or as a developer or instructor of Orienteering Canada’s coaching programs.
Ideally, the coach will have training from the National Coaching Certification Program, although this is not an absolute requirement.

Administrator Award of Distinction
Individuals in this category have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the sport with their orienteering club or provincial/territorial orienteering association or at the  national level. They have made a significant contribution to developing orienteering as a Board member, program developer, innovative promoter of orienteering, etc. They have been a difference maker

The fine print

  • The inductees will be selected by a panel, cross represented at the National, Provincial/Territorial and club level. 
  • More than one person may be inducted per category.
  • The nominator is advised to pick the category which is the strongest fit for your nominee, and to also include relevant information for their involvement in orienteering in other categories. 
  • The selection committee has the discretion to move a nominee to a different category.
  • Inductees may be inducted in more than one category over time.
  • Posthumous nominations are welcome.

Nomination Process
If you would like to nominate someone to the Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame, please download the nomination form here and submit to by February 15, 2020.

2020 High Performance Program Applications Due November 29th

The application window for the 2020 High Performance Program is now open. Applications are due November 29th.
Canadian athletes aspiring to compete at JWOC, WOC, World Cups, etc should take a look at the 2020 Athlete Handbook to see what the HPP is about and if they are eligible.
The HPP supports athletes in the Learn to Compete, Train to Compete and Train to Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model.

Visit the High Performance Program page for more details.

Job Posting: Calgary Head Coach

Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club (FWOC) is seeking a dynamic and experienced head Coach for its older junior and adult groups. FWOC is one the most energetic orienteering clubs in Canada with many involved, competitive adults and a very large junior program (SOGO Adventure Running). The club makes full use of the many parks maps within Calgary and forest maps in the surrounding area for training and racing. The club is actively engaged in maintaining its strong core of masters orienteers, developing junior elite athletes, attracting and developing new orienteers, creating new maps and, generally, promoting and enhancing orienteering in the Calgary area and beyond.

See the job posting and application details here.

World Orienteering Championships

The World Orienteering Championships (WOC) are underway in southern Norway. A total of eight athletes will be representing Canada. This year there will only be forest races, no sprint races. The distances and the Canadian athletes are:

Tuesday, August 13th:
Middle qualifier (Emily Kemp, Emma Waddington, Jennifer MacKeigan, Pia Blake, Jan Erik Naess, Michael Svoboda, Robert Graham)
First start: 10 AM local, 4 AM Eastern Time

Wednesday, August 14th:
Long final (Emma Waddington, Will Critchley)
First start: 10:24 AM local, 4:24 AM Eastern Time

Thursday, August 15th:
Rest day

Friday, August 16th:
Middle final (top 60 athletes per gender qualify)
First start: 13:28 AM local, 7:28 AM Eastern Time

Saturday, Aug 17th:
Relay (Emily Kemp, Emma Waddington, Pia Blake, and Jan Erik Naess, Michael Svoboda, Robert Graham, running orders TBD)
Women: 4:20 PM local, 10:20 AM Eastern Time
Men: 6:30 PM local, 12:20 PM Eastern Time

It’s always an exciting week to see the top orienteers around the world compete! The organizers have a hashtag #woc2019 and they will have live results, blog, TV, and GPS tracking (purchase may be required for live TV and GPS).

Follow WOC:

HPP Instagram

Greetings from Norway and Team Canada WOC preparation camp (in the middle of the forest),

-Joonas Pääkkönen, team coach, and Safder Raza, team manager

Canadian Team Competing at World Cup #1

Four Canadian athletes will be competing at the first round of the World Cup in Finland (June 8 – June 11, 2019).

Emily Kemp
Emma Waddington
Christian Michelsen
Jan Erik Naess

The program is as follows:

June 8: Middle Distance (Emily Kemp, Emma Waddington, Christian Michelsen, Jan Erik Naess)
June 9: Long Distance Chast Start (Emma Waddington, Christian Michelsen, Jan Erik Naess)
June 11: Sprint relay (Running order: Emma Waddington, Jan Erik Naess, Christian Michelsen, Emily Kemp)

Results can be found on the event website. Live media (including web-TV boradcasts) can be found on the International Orienteering Federation’s website (fees may apply).

2019 Orienteering Canada Conference

The Orienteering Canada conference is held in conjunction with the Canadian Orienteering Championships. It’s an ideal opportunity for Canadian orienteers to share information and ideas and to learn from interesting, topical speakers. It’s also a great time to learn about and get involved with the priority projects of Orienteering Canada and to contribute your ideas and energy.

2019 Conference Details

Thursday July 25, 2019
LOCATIONS: Ski Morin- Heights Chalet, 2nd Floor, 231 Rue Allen Morin-Heights QC, J0R1H0
Sessions are in conjunction with the 2019 Canadian Orienteering Championships.

Day 1
Monday July 22, 2019
Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Larose Forest, P1
Activity: Onsite Mapping WorkshopDay

Day 2
Thursday July 25, 2019
Location: Ski Morin Heights Chalet, 2nd Floor, 231 Rue Allen Morin Heights

Time Workshop
11:00-11:50am Growing Mapping in Canada
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-1:50pm Map Reading Theory
2:00-2:50pm Navigating Healthy Eating

Orienteering Canada AGM
The AGM is the one time of year when representatives of the Provincial and Territorial Associations gather to discuss and decide on the business tasks of Orienteering Canada (such as electing board members, making changes to the by-laws, reviewing the financial statements, etc). All are welcome to attend, though only the Associations’ confirmed representatives will be able to vote. All the details are here.

Announcing Team Canada to the 2019 World Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Canada at the 2019 World Orienteering Championships (WOC) in Norway (August 12-17).


WOC Middle Qualifier
Emma Waddington (Personal spot as winner of the 2018 NAOC Middle)
Emily Kemp
Pia Blake
Jennifer MacKeigan 

WOC Long Final
Emma Waddington

WOC Relay
Emma Waddington
Emily Kemp
Pia Blake
(Running order to be determined by team officials at the WOC)


WOC Middle Qualifier
Robbie Graham
Jan Erik Naess
Michael Svoboda

WOC Long Final
Will Critchley

WOC Relay
Robbie Graham
Jan Erik Naess
Michael Svoboda
(Running order to be determined by team officials at the WOC)

The team officials will be Safder Raza (team manager) and Joonas Pääkkönen (team coach).

Thank you to the selection committee (Ted de St Croix, Pippa McNeil, Wil Smith) for their work.

Survey - we would like your input re Canada Cups

Orienteering Canada has convened a working group  to look at re-invigorating Canada Cup events. The working group is taking a “fresh look” at how to make Canada Cup events more attractive to host with the goals of having more higher quality events in Canada with more orienteers and organizers getting experience with these higher-level events.  The Working Group’s objective is to complete this project in 2019 so the new format can be implemented for the 2020 season

What are Canada Cup Events?
Canada Cup events is the name for what were formerly called “A-meets”.  Fundamentally, these are events that are the highest quality orienteering events in Canada and adhere to the complete rules of orienteering in Canada.  In recent years, these have been limited to Canadian Championships, Western Canadians and a sometimes Provincial championships.

What is the issue?
Over the years there has been a general decline in clubs hosting Canada Cup events.  This means there are fewer and fewer events being put on that meet the standard of quality that competitive orienteers desire to compete in.  What are the reasons clubs are not hosting as many top-quality events any more?  Are there barriers? Can it be made easier?  We know many clubs host high quality events locally, but do not get them listed as “Canada Cup” events—why is the occurring?

The working group taking an open look at Canada Cup events.  What are the objectives of Canada Cup events? Are they meeting the needs of orienteering in Canada?  What can be done to reduce barriers and increase the number of top-quality orienteering events in Canada.

The current schedule for the working group is to solicit input from clubs, event organizers and Canadian orienteers in the early May.  These inputs will be used to inform the development of a first proposal in time for the AGM in late July.  The remainder of the year will be used for Working Group, in collaboration with Orienteering Canada and its various Committees, to refine and ultimately finalize a new and/or updated format for Canada’s high-quality orienteering events.

With the above in mind we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes (the survey should only take about 5 minutes) to answer this survey by May 1st.

Canada Cup working group

Contract Job Opportunity: High Performance Committee Manager

We are searching for a High Performance Committee (HPC) Manager.

The job description can be found here. The High Performance Committee terms of reference can be found here. It is a paid position (hourly wage to be discussed) that is done remotely. The position is for up to 4 hours per week (attendance at HPC meetings is expected when possible, but is not paid).

Candidates should submit a letter of interest outlining why they are suitable for the position to by April 22, 2019.

Announcing Team Canada to the 2019 Junior World Orienteering Championships

The following athletes will represent Canada at the 2019 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Denmark (July 6-12).


Keeya Corbett
Tara Doherty
Sianna Dorsey
Rachel May
Brittany Pan


Graeme Farrand
Christian Michelsen
David Svoboda
Michael Svoboda

David Bakker declined his selection.

Congratulations to those selected and thank you to everyone who applied. We look forward to cheering you on in Denmark this summer!

We are still seeking a JWOC Coach and JWOC Team Manager. If you are interested in either of these roles, please refer to the postings for more details. The deadline is April 1 for interested candidates. (EDIT: The team manager will be Meghan Rance and the team coach will be Brian May.)

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee would like to thank Stefan Bergstrom, Cherie Revells and Nevin French for being on the JWOC Selection Committee.