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July 7, 2011 – JWOC Middle distance final results – Team CANADA


A final:
22nd – Emily Kemp

B Final:
45th – Emily Ross
57th – Kendra Murray
65th – Tori Owen


C final:
6th – Graeme Rennie
9th – Lee Hawkings
36th – Graham Ereaux

Full results at

JWOC 2011 - middle qualification results

July 6, 2011 – JWOC Middle distance qualification results – Team CANADA

There were 3 heats. the top 20 from each heat advances to the middle “A” final.

Heat 1: 49th Graeme Rennie
Heat 2: 45th Graham Ereaux
Heat 3: 45th Lee Hawkings

Heat 2: 13th Emily Kemp, 42nd Emily Ross
Heat 3: 27th Kendra Murray, 39th Tori Owen

Emily Kemp has qualified for the women’s middle distance “A” final.
Emily Ross, Tori Owen and Kendra Murray have qualified for the women’s “B” final.
Graeme Rennie, Graham Ereaux and Lee Hawkings have qualified for the men’s “C’ final.

The finals take place on Thursday July 7.

Full results at

JWOC 2011 - long results

July 4, 2011 – JWOC Long distance results – Team CANADA

111. Lee Hawkings
118. Graeme Rennie
125. Graham Ereaux
/153 starters

13. Emily Kemp
103. Kendra Murray
117. Tori Owen
118. Emily Ross
125 . Molly Kemp
/131 starters

Full results at

JWOC 2011 - sprint results

July 3, 2011 – JWOC Sprint results – Team CANADA

106. Graeme Rennie
119. Lee Hawkings
136. Graham Ereaux
/160 starters

38. Emily Kemp
106. Kendra Murray
113. Emily Ross
115 . Molly Kemp
124. Tori Owen
/130 starters

Full results at

Junior World Orienteering Championships relay results

Team Canada wrapped up their week at the Junior World Orienteering Championships. The relay teams include 3 athletes and the JWOC organizers are always good about putting together teams from various countries when there aren’t enough athletes from one country to make up a team. So, Damian Konotopetz, Colin Abbott and Graeme Rennie made up a CANADA team. Lee Hawkings was on a team with two German athletes and Emily Ross and Emily Kemp were on a team with an athlete from Hong Kong. Damian, Colin and Graeme finished 22nd out of the 28 countries taking part. Emily Kemp ran the first leg for her team and finished her leg in 7th place.

Congratulations to Damian, Colin, Graeme, Lee, Emily and Emily for representing Canada so well at the 2010 Junior World Orienteering Championships. And also a very special thanks to Jeff Teutsch as assistant team leader and Randy Kemp as team leader.

JWOC 2010 middle final results

Here’s the round-up of the Canadian results of the middle final in Denmark – which includes a STELLAR result for Ottawa’s Emily Kemp.

In the women’s A final, Emily Kemp finished in 13th place, just 2 minutes out of the bronze medal position. Emily Ross was 51st in the B final.

Damian Konotopetz who just missed qualifying for the A final, finished 14th in the B final. Colin Abbott finished 20th and Graeme Rennie finished 34th, all in the B final.Lee Hawkings was 12th in the C final.

Next up – the relay on Saturday

Our best guess is that Emily’s 13th place is a best ever result for a Canadian athlete at JWOC. Any JWOC history buffs out there can let us know if this is the case.

Full details are on the JWOC web site.

Junior World Orienteering Championships – middle distance qualification results

The middle distance qualification race at the Junior World Orienteering Championships was held on Thursday July 8. This race determines which final (A, B or C) the athletes will start on Friday for the middle distance final. A special shout out to Damian Konotopetz who finished 21 in his heat and to Emily Kemp who finished 8th. GO Canada GO!

Heat one: Graeme Rennie 40 of 53 in heat
Heat two: Lee Hawkings 44 of 53 in heat
Heat three; Damian Konotopetz 21 of 52 in heat and Colin Abbott 40 of 52 in heat
Heat one: Emily Kemp 8 of 42 in heat
Heat three: Emily Ross 35 of 41 on heat

Full details and results at

Junior World Championships – long results

The long distance race was Tuesday July 6th at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Denmark. Here are the Canadian results:
Damian Konotopetz 90th
Colin Abbott 97th
Graeme Rennie 98th
Lee Hawkings 117th
156 men competed in the race
Emily Kemp 42nd
Emily Ross 104th
122 women competed in the race

Thursday is the middle qualification race with the middle distance final on Friday. The team has posted pictures on the Team Canada blog. Be sure to check out the photos and leave a good luck message for the team.

JWOC 2010 sprint results

The sprint race was Monday July 5 at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Denmark. Here are the Canadian results:
Damian Konotopetz 74th
Graeme Rennie 79th
Colin Abbott 112th
Lee Hawkings 135th
153 men competed in the race
Emily Kemp 56th
Emily Ross 102nd
118 women competed in the race

The sprint course was at a university campus. Up Tuesday is the long distance race. The terrain will be challenging and the forest will be thick in spots.
Watch the Team Canada blog as the team hopes to get pictures up soon.

Canadian Results from the 2009 Junior World Orienteering Championships

2009 Junior World Orienteering Championships website

July 11 – relay

place relay – men time
1/49 winner’s time – Team SWEDEN 1 2:08:51
43 Team CANADA 1 (Colin, Damian, Graeme R) 2:53:23
46 Team CANADA 2 (Eric, Lee, Graham E) 2:55:29
place relay – women time
1/40 winner’s time – Team NORWAY 1 33:28
Because there weren’t 3 Canadian women, Emily ran the first leg and Angela the second and an athlete from another country rounded out the team. So this isn’t an official team. Emily finished her leg in 18th place and the team was in 29th place after Angela’s leg.

July 10 – middle distance final race

place name – women – A final time
1/60 winner’s time – ALEXANDERSSON Tove SWE 22:24
24 KEMP Emily 27:00
place name – women – B final time
1/52 winner’s time – HOKHOLT Linn NOR 24:23
37 FORSEILLE Angela 41:12
place name – men – B final time
1/57 winner’s time – TAMBASAU Yury BLR 22:08
27 RENNIE Graeme 29:45
39 ABBOTT Colin 31:13
57 KONOTOPETZ Damian 43:37
place name – men – C final time
1/52 winner’s time – KADBERRAMAN Elena Nabil ESP 19:44
4 KEMP Eric 20:54
13 HAWKINGS Lee 23:52
21 EREAUX Graham 24:56

July 9 – middle distance qualification race
Based on their qualification results, athletes will start in either the A, B or C final

place name – men – heat 1 time
1/58 winner’s time – HUBMANN Martin SUI 26:20
35 ABBOTT Colin 33:41
45 EREAUX Graham 36:19
place name – men – heat 2 time
1/58 winner’s time – KLUSACEK Matej CZE 26:17
29 KONOTOPETZ Damian 33:12
53 HAWKINGS Lee 44:39
place name – men – heat 3 time
1/58 winner’s time – KYBURZ Matthias SUI 26:43
39 RENNIE Graeme 34:53
53 KEMP Eric 42:40
place name – women – heat 1 time
1/42 winner’s time – ARNESEN Mari Jevne NOR 25:19
32 FORSEILLE Angela 35:36
place name – women – heat 2 time
1/40 winner’s time – BOCHENKOVA Ivana CZE 23:53
5 KEMP Emily 26:44

July 7 – long (final) results for Canada

place name – men time
1/161 winner’s time – BERGMAN Gustav SWE 1:05:55
95 ABBOTT Colin 1:46:21
114 KONOTOPETZ Damian 1:56:18
124 EREAUX Graham 2:01:34
132 HAWKINGS Lee 2:12:25
139 RENNIE Graeme 2:32:00
place name – women time
1/121 winner’s time – BOBACH Ida DEN 54:12
27 KEMP Emily 1:04:05
82 FORSEILLE Angela 1:33:00

July 6 – sprint (final) results for Canada

place name – men time
1/169 winner’s time – KYBURZ Matthias SUI 14:43
75 ABBOTT Colin 17:23
110 KONOTOPETZ Damian 18:28
138 KEMP Eric 20:05
139 HAWKINGS Lee 20:13
145 RENNIE Graeme 20:46
154 EREAUX Graham 24:23
place name – women time
1/120 winner’s time – L├ľNNKVIST Jenny SWE 13:34
27 KEMP Emily 15:58
111 FORSEILLE Angela 25:20

There were not qualification races for the sprint and long. All athletes competed in the same final race.