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JWOC 2011 team

JWOC 2011 Team Canada

top from left: Lee Hawkings, Graeme Rennie, Kendra Murray, Graham Ereaux, Emily Kemp

bottom from left: Molly Kemp, Emily Ross, Carol Ross (coach), Tori Owen, Randy Kemp (team leader)

also: Magnus Johansson (national team coach)

Emily Kemp - 13th at the JWOC long distance

Congratulations to Emily Kemp (of Ottawa) for her 13th place finish in the long distance at the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Championships. Here’s Emily shortly after her race.

You can read all about Team Canada at JWOC on the national team blog. The middle race race is up next.

Update from the Ski-Orienteering World Champs

Robbie Anderson of Ottawa has had the top result for a North American male in both the sprint and middle distance at the Ski-Orienteering World Championships happening this week in Sweden. He has been 45th in both races. Nick Duca of Kitchener placed 63rd in the sprint and 68th in the middle. Nick is pleased with his results considering that he broke a rib recently back home in Ontario. Check out the national team blog for the latest update from Nick and Robbie and a few of their photos. You can see from the photos that they’ve had some tricky weather to contend with. Next up for Robbie and Nick is the long distance. Also, congratulations to the USA’s Alison Crocker’s for her great results. Alison was 18th in both the sprint and middle.

Ski Orienteering in Whistler - Photos

The Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club hosted a Ski-Orienteering event on the Lost Lake ski trails in Whistler in early January. Here are a few photo highlights.

Alison Crocker of the US Ski-Orienteering team:

Louise Oram of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club:

Andrea Balakova of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club:

Karen Lachance of the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club:

2010 senior national orienteering team

top row from left: Wil Smith, Jon Torrance, Mike Smith, Nick Duca
middle row from left: Louise Oram, Patrick Goeres, Carol Ross
bottom row: Magnus Johansson (national team coach and team leader)
missing: Sandy Hott, Will Critchley

2010 national junior team

from top left: Jeff Teutsch (assistant team leader), Colin Abbott, Lee Hawkings, Damian Konotopetz, Graeme Rennie, Randy Kemp (team leader)
from bottom left: Emily Ross, Emily Kemp

Photo: Brent Langbakk at Deep Cove BC

Photo: Meghan Rance

Photo: Adrian Zissos at McKenzie Crossing AB

Photo: Whistler Mountain