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Applications for the 2011 High Performance Program Due Dec 31

December 31, 2010 is the application deadline for the 2011 High Performance Program (HPP). The HPP is a support system for athletes who show potential to represent Canada at Junior World Championships and World Championships in 2011 and beyond.

The details of the 2011 High Performance Program, including the application process are outlined in the Athlete Handbook. The handbook also includes information regarding the selection for the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Poland in July and the World Orienteering Championships in France in August. Anyone wishing to compete at the Junior World Orienteering Championships must be an HPP member. And anyone wishing to compete at the World Championships is encourage to become a member of the HPP.

There are some exciting new initiatives detailed in the 2011 Handbook:

  • Rising Stars Award – $1500 each to be awarded to two HPP athletes who show great orienteering potential and financial need.
  • Exclusive HPP training camp in Hamilton over Easter.
  • Exclusive HPP and Team training in Whitehorse after the COCs.
  • Yukon Training Centre for HPP athletes, all summer!

There were  24 athletes HPP members in 2010. More HPP info is available at Thanks to the Kootenay, Greater Vancouver and Golden Horseshoe Orienteering Clubs for provided discounted or free entries to HPP members at the North Americans, Barebones, and the Golden Leaf Orienteering Festival. We hope to be able to provide discounted event entries to athletes in 2011. Contact the COF if your club would be willing to provide discounted or free entries.

HPP Digital Orienteering Map Archive

The COF has created a Digital Map Orienteering Archive (DOMA) for the athletes who are member’s of the COF’s High Performance Program. Check out the maps from their latest training and races.

2010 World Masters Orienteering Championships

Because athletes register directly for the World Masters Orienteering Championships, the Canadian Orienteering Federation doesn’t know which Canadians are competing there. Please let us know if you are competing in Switzerland or if you know of club-mates who are at the WMOC this year so we can follow along (leave a note in the comments section below)…
Here’s news from the IOF web site:
More than 4100 World Masters compete in Switzerland
The World Masters Orienteering Championships kick off in Pays de Neuchâtel, Switzerland on Saturday. The event will be huge: more than 4100 participants run in the championships classes, and some 400 in open classes. For example, anyone aiming to win M60 will first have to beat 445 competitors! But the competitions are not only attracting a big number of participants, they are also introducing a new class: M95. Erkki Luntamo, Finland, will turn 96 in November and is looking forward to winning his 13th gold medal at the World Masters Orienteering Championships before that.
Stair running and Swiss Jura
World Masters Championships Sprint distance will take place in an urban environment with small parks and narrow streets in the old town of Neuchâtel. To be able to master the old town terrain, the participants were encouraged to train running stairs before the sprint final. Long distance final takes place in a terrain used for the 1981 World Orienteering Championships. The terrain, called ”the best of Swiss Jura”, contains many contour details and requires good concentration throughout the course.
For more information on the events, please visit the organisers’ website.
Results from the World Masters Orienteering Championships will be published on the IOF homepage .

Junior World Orienteering Championships relay results

Team Canada wrapped up their week at the Junior World Orienteering Championships. The relay teams include 3 athletes and the JWOC organizers are always good about putting together teams from various countries when there aren’t enough athletes from one country to make up a team. So, Damian Konotopetz, Colin Abbott and Graeme Rennie made up a CANADA team. Lee Hawkings was on a team with two German athletes and Emily Ross and Emily Kemp were on a team with an athlete from Hong Kong. Damian, Colin and Graeme finished 22nd out of the 28 countries taking part. Emily Kemp ran the first leg for her team and finished her leg in 7th place.

Congratulations to Damian, Colin, Graeme, Lee, Emily and Emily for representing Canada so well at the 2010 Junior World Orienteering Championships. And also a very special thanks to Jeff Teutsch as assistant team leader and Randy Kemp as team leader.

Athlete Profile: Wil Smith

Age 37
Hometown Waterside, NB
Currently living Nobel, ON
Club Falcons
Occupation Physician

How long ago did you start orienteering? 20 years ago

How many WOC’s have you been to? Germany 1995, Norway 1997, Scotland 1999, Finland 2001, Switzerland 2003, Sweden 2004, Japan 2005, Denmark 2006, Ukraine 2007, Czech 2008, Norway 2010

What are your goals this season? It’s a building (house, family) and rebuilding (orienteering) year so I’ll be happy to make a reasonable showing at North American and Canadian Championships, and to start feeling strong and confident in the forest again.

What keeps you motivated to train for the sport? I enjoy the feeling I get when I can stand on the starting line and honestly feel like I can do a top performance on that day.

What is your favourite event? Favorite discipline is middle distance (love the technical aspects), and favorite events are World Championships (often the only times when the maps are so nearly perfect that you can trust them fully and implicitly).

Do you have a pre-race ritual? Not really. If I can manage to get to the start on time and will all the necessary gear, that’s enough.

What’s your best orienteering memory? Cheering my head off in Japan when my sister Sandy raced to an amazing top-10 result at the World Championships.

Junior World Championships – long results

The long distance race was Tuesday July 6th at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Denmark. Here are the Canadian results:
Damian Konotopetz 90th
Colin Abbott 97th
Graeme Rennie 98th
Lee Hawkings 117th
156 men competed in the race
Emily Kemp 42nd
Emily Ross 104th
122 women competed in the race

Thursday is the middle qualification race with the middle distance final on Friday. The team has posted pictures on the Team Canada blog. Be sure to check out the photos and leave a good luck message for the team.

CBC Montreal: Busybodies Program (Circa 1993)