National Orienteering Week (NOW) Promotion

2017 National Orienteering Week, World Orienteering Day and the ParticipACTION Play List

When is National Orienteering Week (NOW)?
May 20 -28, 2017

Why NOW?
Orienteering Canada’s goal is to increase engagement in National Orienteering Week (NOW) and to have clubs plan at least one event during NOW as a means of introducing more people to orienteering and increasing the visibility of orienteering in communities across the country.

Who takes part in National Orienteering Week?

  • newcomers to the sport – to try orienteering
  • existing orienteers –  to celebrate and share this great sport
  • clubs – to celebrate Orienteering, to recruit new club members, to broadcast our sport
  • Provincial/Territorial Orienteering Associations (PTOAs) – to celebrate and promote Orienteering, and to support club activities
  • Orienteering Canada – to promote orienteering across Canada and to support clubs and PTOAs in their endeavours – and to provide a timeframe for a cross-canada focus on orienteering

Why participate?
There is value to your club or PTOA participating in National Orienteering Week!  If you organize a particularly newcomer-friendly event or activity during the week of May 20 – 28, with a bit of extra emphasis on promotion of the event outside your regular orienteering circles, it will help to increase the visibility of orienteering in your community, to introduce new families, youth and adults to our sport, and hopefully to attract a few new club members.  Orienteering Canada can help with promotional materials, suggested activities and including your event in the national events list on the Orienteering Canada website.

A extra twist for 2017 – The ParticipACTION 150 Play List!
ParticipACTION has created a Play List of 150 physical activities that Canadians should do in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th. Orienteering is one of the activity on that list. Engagement in the Play List is high so there are going to be a lots of Canadians who will want to try orienteering this year. Specifically, ParticipACTION is going to put a special focus on promoting orienteering on in and around May 24th which is World Orienteering Day and right in the middle of National Orienteering Week.

Here is more info on engaging with the Play List – how to register your event(s), apply for a micro-grant ($300-$1000), get Play List promo items for your event, etc.

And World Orienteering Day on May 24, 2017
May 24, 2017 is the 2nd ever World Orienteering Day (WOD). WOD was a great success in 2016 with over 250,000 people orienteering around the world! How many people around the world will orienteering on May 24, 2017?

Here is more info on engaging with World Orienteering Day – how to register your event(s), access their promo tool kits, etc.

National Orienteering Week – Next steps

  • Start planning early!
  • Choose a map, recruit organizers – all with an eye to creating a beginner friendly event.
  • Email Orienteering Canada at with the date and location and webpage for more info with your NOW event(s).
  • Make sure your website and event info makes it easy for newcomers to learn about the event, what to expect, how to register, etc.
  • Promote Promote Promote!  Use some ideas from the Marketing tool kit below
  • Take some photos and video – share on your club’s social media and with Orienteering Canada
  • Use the hashtag #orienteeerNOW in all your social media

What is Orienteering Canada doing to promote National Orienteering Week?
We’ll be sending out a press release nationally. Doing tons of social media. Creating some social media specific graphics and video. Having some contests!! Doing some facebook advertising. Working with clubs as needed. Compiling the NOW event list and maintaining these pages, etc. In 2017, we’ll be tripling our promo efforts with the boost of World Orienteering Day and the 150 Play List.

Take a look at the 2017 National Orienteering Week Marketing Kit
Click on the thumbnail to take you to the marketing kit with ideas to help built your event.


Add the any of the following graphics to your club’s website, newsletter, blog, facebook page, etc. And come on back… we’ll be adding more in the lead-up to NOW 2017. (click on the thumbnail to get to the full size image)

  • World Orienteering Day promo materials and logo guidelines> You can find more here.
  • ParticipACTION’s 150 Play List > You can get the Play List logos, guidelines and other promo here.


Here is a 2017 National Orienteering Week poster. At the bottom of the poster is space for you to add specific information about your event (date, time, place, how to get more info). It’s a 8.5 x 11 poster. You can open the poster in word and type in your event specific information before you print it.  Then you can distribute the poster in your community. Suggested places for posting the poster include: sport/running stores, libraries, coffee shops, community associations, rec/fitness centres, etc…

  • NOW 2017 poster – English / French (Word)
  • You can also create your own using Canva or other design website (We’re fans of Canva)

Press release

Orienteering will be sending a press release nationally through the Sport Information Resource Centre press release service. Below, as a word doc, is a template designed for your club to add your specific event information. You can forward this version to the appropriate media in your community. Consider sending it to: a reporter at the local paper who usually covers outdoor sports/activities; community event listings; sports reporters, etc. Your local volunteer centre would likely be a good source for contact information for your local media. Please edit to add a personal touch for your club, highlight some interesting orienteering related stories from your club members…