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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have some time and energy to devote to Orienteering Canada? Orienteering Canada has a lot on its plate right now and we would love to hear from you. Here are a few current volunteer opportunities:

Sass Peepre National Jr Training Camp
The Sass Peepre Jr Development gang is looking for folks to help at the Sass Peepre National Jr. Training Camp during the COCs. They need adults to volunteer to help coach at all levels from beginner to advanced. They also need adults to volunteer to help prepare the meals. The camp relies 100% on volunteers.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer or are looking for more info.

Previous Job & Volunteer Opportunities – now closed

Orienteering Mappers

Job Opportunity: Sogo Adventure Running – Calgary

Orienteering New Brunswick – Promotions Lead (March 24, 2017 deadline)

Job Opportunity: Foothills Orienteering Head Coach (Feb 15 2017 deadline to apply)

Contract Opportunity: Resource Development for Newcomers to Orienteering (Feb 9 2017 deadline to apply)

Job Opportunity: Alberta Orienteering Association Executive Director

Contract Opportunity: High Performance Committee Administrator

Job Opportunity: Adventure Running Program Manager – Hamilton

Job Opportunity: Sogo Adventure Running – Calgary

Job Opportunity: Orienteering Mappers

Contract Opportunity: Newsletter Editor

Contract Opportunity: Mapping Program Administrator

Volunteer Opportunity: HPP Regional Coach

Job Opportunity: Edmonton – Junior Development