Orienteering Canada has updated Course and Category Guidelines. This revision was a long process, with input from many clubs across Canada. The technical committee has tried to balance conflicting viewpoints as much as possible.

For any Canada Cup events in 2017, these revised guidelines are optional, but for 2018, these new guidelines will apply.

The OC Technical Committee will be producing a guiding document to explain to parents and coaches how the junior progression and “B” categories work. In a nutshell:

  • we have created a new MW10 age class with a technical difficulty (TD) roughly comparable to the old MW12
  • the TD for older children have been increased somewhat
  • at the same time, the OC competition rules now have provisions for MW16 and under to preview the map with parents/coaches and/or in the minute before starting (at the organizer’s discretion)
  • the “B” categories provide a progression path for older juniors who are new to the sport, and MW21 participants who do not want to run competitively
  • the old MW17-20 class has been split in two to facilitate a more event progression for juniors.
  • there are also some RWT changes, notable for the W21E in non-WRE Long events.

Course and Category Guidelines for Canada Cups – Championship Events

Course and Category Guidelines for Canada Cups – Smaller Events