Orienteering requires the use of specialized maps prepared specifically for the sport of orienteering.  Map should be prepared in accordance with mapping standards of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF).  For foot orienteering, there are two applicable mapping Standards:

  1. ISOM: International Specification for Orienteering Maps (find the latest version here)
  2. ISSOM: International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps (find the latest version here)

Orienteering Canada maintains a registry of Canadian mappers knowledgeable of the Standards and have the necessary experience and skills required for preparation of orienteering maps.  The Canadian Orienteering Mapper Registry identifies qualified mappers that are potentially available to assist with the creation of new orienteering maps.

Seeking Orienteering Mappers
If you are searching for an orienteering mapper to create or revise orienteering map and have been unable to find a mapper locally, please begin by sending inquiry email to the Canadian Orienteering Mapper Registry at mappingorienteeringcanada AT yahoogroups DOT com.  Indicate the type of mapping work you need done, the location of the work and the general schedule requirements for completion.  Should you be unsuccessful at finding an available mapper, please contact Orienteering Canada or your local Provincial/Territorial Orienteering Association for further assistance.

Joining the Canadian Orienteering Mapper Registry
To be eligible to join the Canadian Orienteering Mapper Registry, you must be a Canadian citizen or be eligible to work in Canada.  You must have experience in creating orienteering maps.  You will need some sample maps to show you work.  In order to understand orienteering maps it is important to have current experience in the sport of orienteering (this can be at a recreational or competitive level).  If you are not familiar with the sport or with orienteering mapping but are interested in pursuing the either, we recommend that you contact your local or provincial orienteering club or organization (

If you are experienced in creating orienteering maps in accordance with the IOF Standards and want to be added to the Canadian Registry, or if you would like further information on the Mapper Registry, please contact Orienteering Canada at technical AT orienteering DOT ca.