Information For Officials


  • Orienteering Canada’s competition rules are available here.
    A summary of the latest changes to the rules is here.
  • latest IOF rules are here.
  • A list of the pictorial control description symbols are here.


Information about Orienteering Canada’s insurance is here.

Course and category guidelines for championship events

The most up to date course & category guidelines are available here.

WRE and Canada Cup (formerly A meet) sanctioning request form

The sanctioning request form is available here. Please return this form to Orienteering Canada as many months prior to the event as possible, and at least 60 days before the event (sanctioning received less than 60 days before the event may not receive sanctioning.

Orienteering Canada’s Officials certification programs

Certification Requirements
Here are the forms you are required to submit to achieve your certification. These forms include information about the requirements at each level and the types of events that certified officials are qualified for.

Clinic Hosting Notification
Complete and submit the clinic hosting notification form to inform Orienteering Canada of any clinics being held.

Officials’ Program Manuals
Drafts of the updated officials program are now available

Orienteering 100 – draft

Orienteering 200 – draft

Orienteering 300 – draft

* Answer keys are available by request of the instructors. Contact Orienteering Canada

Electronic timing

SportIdent procedures for organizers written by GVOC member Magnus Johansson.

SportIdent procedures for competitors written by GVOC member Magnus Johansson.

Radio Controls

All about radio controls from the organizers of the 2011 Canadian Champs in the Yukon.

Safety Plans

Safety plan template from Barebones 2012

Environmental impact

Are you looking for information about the environmental impact of orienteering. Do you have landowners asking for this information? Here are some links: