Information For Youth Leaders

We love it when teachers and other youth advocates encourage students to use their brains while being physically active. If you think your class or group of youths would benefit from trying orienteering, we agree! Here are some useful links:

  • Orienteering Canada’s skills database with lesson plans and ideas
  • Alberta Orienteering Association’s Orange Marks the Spot Outdoor Adventure Program.
  • The updated version of “Cool, Awesome and Educational”; Orienteering at school for ages 6-15. The book is filled with ideas and exercises for  teachers, instructors and youth coaches to teach the students in orienteering and navigation skills. The link to the web version is here.
  • Teaching resources from the Orienteering USA website.
  • Swiss Orienteering Federation’s sCOOL program – amazing resources (in German, French and Italian) for teaching orienteering.
  • Resources for teachers in Edmonton.

Want more information? Contact us – we’d be happy to help.