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Job posting with DontGetLost Adventure Running


Adventure Running Senior Program Manager

Golden Horseshoe Orienteering (GHO) has an opening for the position of Adventure Running Senior Program Manager. In this assignment your key responsibilities will include all tasks associated with the roles of Adventure Running Kids Senior Program Manager, Golden Horseshoe Orienteering Senior Program Manager, and similar roles as conditions and programs evolve. While the Adventure Running Kids program will enjoy top priority during spring and autumn sessions and during summer camp programming, the other duties listed here will remain in focus throughout the year as important and continuous assignments.
Adventure Running Senior Program Manager – Essential Skills and Requirements

  • Software Experience 5+ years (Condes, OCAD 9 or higher, 0E2003, GPS related tools).
  • Coaching Accreditation (Community Coach or higher).
  • Experience coaching orienteering (or similar navigation based sport) to youth 3+ years.
  • Experience creating and updating orienteering maps 3+ years.
  • Above average level of fitness including running on and off trails.
  • Website and social media content management.
  • Possess own vehicle and general driver’s license valid in Ontario.
  • University degree in related area.

Adventure Running Senior Program Manager – Job Duties

Adventure Running Kids™ (ARK) Senior Program Manager

  • Prepare and manage online registrations.
  • Maintain and update program website (
  • Prepare and distribute promotional material, execute marketing campaigns.
  • Coordinate and develop all volunteers.
  • Oversee Program Manager employee activities to ensure consistency between locations.
  • Execute Communications and correspondence with participants.
  • Coordinate, plan, set up, and execute ARK sessions in conjunction with other coaches.
  • Define and maintain program metrics.
  • Scout available locations for future seasons, book locations and secure permits,
  • On an ongoing basis update orienteering standard maps to keep current.
  • Liaise with existing sponsors and build partnerships with new and potential sponsors.
  • Build partnerships with other communities and organizations to ensure continued growth in current and new locations.
  • Act as Event Manager for the ARK Mud Run, Toilet Run, ARK end-of-program festivals, and other kids-oriented races as programs develop.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Golden Horseshoe Orienteering (a.k.a. DontGetLost Adventure Running) Senior Program Manager

  • Plan, organize, coordinate, and execute all aspects of Adventure Running Series races.
  • Manage and prepare adventure running training sessions for recreational and competitive participants.
  • Create new and update existing orienteering standard maps located in a wide variety of locations in southern Ontario.
  • Maintain and update organization website (
  • Prepare and distribute promotional material, execute marketing campaigns.
  • Manage and develop volunteers.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Over the past four years, the Adventure Running Kids® program has been extremely successful, with rapid growth in several communities in the Golden Horseshoe Region.  The goal for the next two years is to continue to expand these programs within Southern Ontario, and to strengthen community partnerships while maintaining a commitment to athletic development and hosting quality races such as the DontGetLost Adventure Running Series.

Applicants must be highly self motivated, goal oriented, and able to communicate well to large groups representing a broad range of ages. In addition, co-ordinating these programs requires a higher than average level of fitness as well as substantial coaching experience. Prior experience managing similar recreation programs, particularly within navigation-based sports, will be looked upon favourably.

This is a two-year, full time position, with the potential to further expand beyond this initial period. Salary will depend on experience, and may include incentives based on program growth or other objectives.

The Adventure Running Senior Program Manager will be responsible to manage and coordinate these two programs as well as assist with other GHO events and programs (including DontGetLost Adventure Running 365, Adventure Running Schools program, DontGetLost Navigation Clinics, etc).

Salary range for this position is from $42,000 to $60,000 depending on qualifications. Please specify expected salary in your submission.

To apply for this position please forward a current CV, references, and salary expectations to the hiring manager at this email address: Enquiries for further information on this position should be directed to the same address.