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Canadian National Orienteering Team

Team Canada Blog

Read about the adventures of Canada’s elite athletes.

Athlete Handbook

If you are an athlete interested in competing in the World or Junior World Orienteering Championships, the World University Orienteering Championships or World Cup events, be sure to read the Athlete Handbook available on the HPP page to learn how to join the High Performance program and how to get selected to compete at these events.

Ski-Orienteering Selection

If you are interested in representing Canada at events such as:

  • World Ski Orienteering Championships
  • Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships
  • Ski Orienteering World Cups
  • World University Ski-Orienteering Championships

you can find the selection process information here. For the 2018 season > please note that applications may be submitted after the deadline.

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Applications due Nov 1 2017 for the 2018 High Performance Program

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee is seeking applications from athletes to become members of the 2018 High Performance Program (HPP).

All athletes who meet the eligibility requirements and who have a strong desire to improve their abilities with a long or short term goal of representing Canada in orienteering are encouraged to apply to the HPP. Those wishing to compete in JWOC, WOC, World Cups, WUOC or World Games are required to be members of the HPP. Membership is from December 1, 2017 to November 30, 2018. There is a fee of $100 to join the 2018 HPP.

In order to be accepted to the HPP, athletes must:
● be at the Learn To Compete , Train To Compete , or Train To Win stages of Orienteering Canada’s LTAD model,
● have competitive results in M/W17-18, M/W19-20 or M/W21E at major national and/or international events,
● develop a training plan, in conjunction with an HPP Coach, that targets the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects of orienteering
● be prepared to put in the required training to compete at or near an international level in accordance with the above mentioned training plan,
● demonstrate a desire to represent Canada in international competition,
● have orienteering training as a main focus, and
● successfully complete the HPP application process

More information and complete details about the application process are in the 2018 Athlete Handbook which is now avaiable on the High Performance Program page.


World Games underway

Canada qualified 4 athletes for the 2017 World Games in Poland. The World Games is a multi-sport games for sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee, but not on the Olympic program.

The athletes representing Canada are:

Emily Kemp
Tori Owen*
Damian Konotopetz
Will Critchley

*Tori is replacing Louise Oram who was unable to attend.

All about orienteering at the World Games – a great summary from World of O


  • Tuesday July 25th: 11:00 CET Sprint Women. 12:00 CET Sprint Men
  • Wednesday July 26th: 09:30 CET Middle Women. 11:30 CET Middle Men
  • Thursday July 27th: 09:00 CET Sprint Relay

The starting order in individual races will be based upon the IOF World Rankings with best ranked starting last.

Internet live coverage of all Competitions will be streamed on Web TV, and is accessible through LIVE Orienteering.

Start lists and results are here.

Technical information is in Bulletin 4.

Follow Orienteering Canada’s social media for more pictures and info



Here are the Canadian results from the middle at the World Games:
Emily Kemp – 12th
Tori Owen – 36th
Damian Konotopetz – 33rd
Will Critchley – 36th

Here are the Canadian results from the sprint at the World Games:
Damian Konotopetz – 28th
Will Critchley – 37th
Tori Owen – 35th
Emily Kemp – mispunch
There are 40 men and 40 women competing.

Full results here.





Recap: 2017 World Orienteering Championships

The 2017 World Orienteering Championships have come to a close.

Team Canada had solid results at this World Championships – highlighted by Emily Kemp’s 5th place finish in the middle distance final.

Team Canada members:

Official results are here.

Team Canada results:

Sprint Qualification
Emma Waddington – Heat B: 22nd
Will Critchley – Heat A: 25th
Damian Konotopetz – Heat C: 14th
The top 15th in each heat advance to the Sprint Final

Sprint Final
Damian Konotopetz – 44th

Sprint Relay
Emma Waddington
Damian Konotopetz
Will Critchley
Emily Kemp
Emily did not start the 4th leg (resting for forest events) so Canada’s result is listed as a “mispunch”

Long Final
Emily Kemp – 23rd

Middle Final
Emily Kemp – 5th
Damian Konotopetz – 45th
Eric Kemp – 59th

Canada did not have a women’s relay team
Emily Kemp ran on the men’s relay team
Canada Men’s relay – 20th
Leg 1: Damian Konotopetz
Leg 2: Eric Kemp
Leg 3: Emily Kemp

Will Critchley in the Sprint Qualification. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emily Kemp during the flower ceremony for her 5th place finish in the middle final. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emily Kemp in the Middle final. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emma Waddington in the sprint qualification. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Eric Kemp in the middle final. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Meghan Rance, Eric Kemp, Emily Kemp, Raphael Ferrand after the middle distance flower ceremony. Photo by Reigo Teervalt


Emily Kemp, Eric Kemp and Damian Konotopetz after the relay race. Photo by Meghan Rance.


Damian Konotopetz in the Sprint Relay. Photo by Reigo Teervalt

Team Canada at the 2017 World Orienteering Championships


The 2017 World Orienteering Championships are coming up in Estonia.
Here are the Canadians who will be representing Canada:

Emily Kemp
Emma Waddington

Wil Critchley
Eric Kemp
Damian Konotopetz

Coach: Raphael Ferrand
Team Manager: Meghan Rance

WOC 2017 web site:







Canada at Finland World Cup races

The 2017 World Cup season is gets underway this week in Finland. Canada is represented by: Emma Waddington, Will Critchley, and Emily Kemp.

Here’s how the week looks for the Canadians:

– sprint relay: Emma Waddington, Will Critchley, and then two other runners to make up a mixed team

– sprint: Emma W and Emily Kemp

– rest

– middle: Emily Kemp

– long: Emily Kemp (start times are based on sprint, and middle results)

More info and links are on our Team Canada Blog.



2017 JWOC team announced

The following athletes will represent Canada at the 2017 Junior World Orienteering Championships in Tampere, Finland.

Darya Sepandj
Emma Sherwood
Emma Waddington
Nicole Whitmore

David Bakker
Leif Blake
Caelan McLean
Christian Michelsen
Jan Erik Naess
Michael Svoboda

Congratulations to those selected and thanks to everyone who applied.

Jeff Teutsch will be the JWOC Coach. Sabine Schweiger will be the Team Manager and Erik Blake will be an additional official.

Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee would like to thank Stefan Bergstrom, Ross Burnett and Nevin French for being on the JWOC Selection Committee.

Team Canada selected for the World Games

The athletes who will represent Canada at the 2017 World Games in Poland have been selected.

The World Games run from July 20-30 in Warsaw, Poland. The orienteering disciplines at the World Games are: sprint distance, middle distance and a sprint relay.

Team Canada will be:

Emily Kemp (hometown: Ottawa)
Louise Oram (hometown: Vancouver)
Damian Konotopetz (hometown: Winnipeg)
Will Critchley (hometown: Edmonton)

The team coach/manager will be Marg Ellis (hometown: Vancouver) who is one of Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Program regional coaches.

In total 40 men and 40 women will compete in the Sprint and Middle Distance competitions, and 17 national teams are qualified to compete in the Sprint Relay. The qualification information is here.

The World Games involve sports which are recognized by the International Olympic Committee, but are not currently on the Olympic program. There will be over 3500 athletes from over 100 countries competing in over 30 sports at the 2017 World Games.








High Performance Program Applications Due Nov 25

The High Performance Program (HPP) is designed specifically to support athletes who wish to achieve excellence in international orienteering. The HPP offers coaching support, training opportunities, and other benefits that will assist athletes in achieving their goals. The deadline to apply for the 2017 High Performance Program is Nov 25, 2016.


  • Nov 25: Submission deadline for Application Package
  • Dec 5: Interim Acceptance
  • Dec 31: Confirmation

Further details of the application process are outlined in the Athletes Handbook. As such the Athletes’ HandbookHPP Application Package and Athlete Agreement  have now all been published on the High Performance Program page.

All athletes wishing to compete at the World Orienteering Championships, World Games, World University Champs and JWOC  or in World Cup races MUST be members of the HPP.

2016 World Orienteering Championships is underway

World Orienteering Championships underway in Sweden

Aug 21, 2016 (Calgary, AB) – The 2016 World Orienteering Championships (WOC) run from August 20 to 28, 2016 in Strömstad-Tanum, Sweden. Canada is represented by 8 athletes. This year the Canadian team at the World Orienteering Championships is made up mostly of veteran national team members, with one rookie member, Brent Godman.

The athletes  (and home towns) on Team Canada 2016 are: Emily Kemp (Ottawa), Louise Oram (Vancouver), Emma Waddington (Hamilton), Damian Knonotopetz (Winnipeg), Will Critchley (Edmonton), Robbie Anderson (Ottawa), Eric Kemp (Ottawa), Brent Godman (Rute, Sweden)

The race allocation is:

Women Long: Emily Kemp, Louise Oram
Women Middle: Emily Kemp, Louise Oram
Women Sprint: Emma Waddington
Women Relay: Emily Kemp, Louise Oram, Emma WaddingtonMen Long: Damian Konotopetz
Men Middle: Eric Kemp
Men Sprint: Damian Konotopetz, Will Critchley, Robbie Anderson
Men Relay: Eric Kemp, Damian Konotopetz, Brent Godman

Mixed Sprint Relay: Will Critchley, Damian Konotopetz, Emma Waddington, Emily Kemp

The team is coached this year by Raphael Ferrand. The team manager is Meghan Rance.

Athletes compete in the sprint, middle and long distance races individually as well as the relay race with a team of 3 men or women and the mixed sprint relay with a team of 2 men and 2 women. The winners are expected to finish the sprint final distance in 14 minutes, the middle distance in 35 minutes, the long distance in 80 to 95 minutes, the forest relay in a total team time of 100 minutes, and the sprint relay in a total time of 60 minutes.

Canada’s best result at the World Orienteering Championships was 9th in 2005 (Japan) by Sandy Smith in the middle distance race.

Other strong results at the World Orienteering Championships include 11th in 2014 by Emily Kemp in the middle distance race and 28th in 2014 by Louise Oram in the middle distance race.  Last year’s best results were Will Critchley in 49th in the Men’s Long, Damian Konotopetz in 64th in the Men’s Middle, Emily Kemp in 20th in the Women’s Long and Emily Kemp in 36th in the Women’s Middle.

So far this year, Emily Kemp has had an amazing season, placing 4th and 7th at the European Championship Middle and Long.  Emily Kemp’s current International Orienteering Federation ranking is 22nd and her current World of Orienteering ranking is 11th in Long.


  • Saturday August 20: Sprint Qualification and Final – 09.00-18.00 CET
  • Sunday August 21: Sprint Relay – 16.50-18.00 CET
  • Monday August 22: Rest day
  • Tuesday August 23: Middle – 11.45-18.00 CET
  • Wednesday August 24: Rest day
  • Thursday August 25: Long – 12.00-18.00 CET
  • Friday August 26: Rest day
  • Saturday August 27: Relay – 14.00-18.00 CET

The World of O website provides comprehensive information about WOC 2016 including information about watching live streaming of the events:

Results from the races can be found via the event web site:

Team Canada to World University Champs announced


Canadian Interuniversity Sport and Orienteering Canada are pleased to formally announce the Canadian athletes who will be competing at the 2016 World University Orienteering Championships in Hungary July 30 – Aug 4. Click on the image to see the announcement. You can also read the announcements here in English and French.

You can follow these links to see the profiles of the selected athletes: