Information For Athletes

Digital Orienteering Map Archive (DOMA)

Orienteering Canada maintains two DOMAs. One for Canada’s High Performance Program athletes and the other for any interested Canadian orienteer. Here’s how to get your own DOMA account.


Orienteering Canada’s competition rules are available here. The IOF rules are here.

Technical information

Scientific Journal of Orienteering – interesting articles about various technical aspects of orienteering.

Training information

Comprehensive list of technical orienteering exercises from World of O

Template training program created by Ted de St. Croix.


Check out the RouteGadget database. You’ll find maps from some recent events in Canada. If you were a competitor, draw your route and analyze your race. Instructions for using Route Gadget can be found here.

Bjorn Kjellstrom Cup

The Bjorn Kjellstrom (BK) Cup is awarded to either the US or Canada, based results in M and W 20 at the North American Orienteering Championships which are held every 2 years.

The Cup is awarded to the country with the highest point total after the sprint, middle and long distance races. Points are awarded to the top 15 finishers in each of M and W 20-34 according the following points system: 1st – 25, 2nd- 22, 3rd -19, 4th -16, 5th -13, 6th -10, 7th -9, 8th – 8, 9th – 7, 10th -6, 11th -5, 12th -4, 13th -3, 14th -2, and 15th -1. The top 3 finishers for each country in M and W 20-34 in each of the three races is used to determine the overall points total. There is currently a committee in place to take a look at the scoring system. Likely the scoring system will be slightly different for the NAOCs in 2012.

The US won the trophy at the 2010 North American Orienteering Championships. Canada has won the Cup 14 of the 16 times it was awarded.

Other information

Drug Information Database – make sure that your cold medication isn’t a banned substance…

Media tips for orienteers

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) puts out this great publication: Making the Most of Your Opportunities: A Media Guide for Athletes and Their Coaches. Ordering info is here.

Did you know?

… from Scarf, P. (1998). Route choice and an empirical basis for the equivalence between climb and distance. Scientific Journal of Orienteering, 14, 23-30. They looked at data on U.K. fell running records in order to investigate the equivalence between climb and distance. The analysis points to a “1 to 8” rule for male athletes, whereby 125 m of climb is equivalent to a flat distance of 1 km, and a “1 to 10” rule for female athletes. These rules can be used in decision making about alternative routes, and to compare courses of differing distance and climb.

…that the best ever finish at the World Orienteering Championships by a North American is 4th place. This great result was achieved by Canadian Emily Kemp in the middle distance race in Sweden in 2016.

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